Wednesday, July 15, 2015

WTF Pirate101!

     This is an excerpt from the recent "Producer's Letter" about Pirate101. The beginning was very standard, on stuff we already knew, but this small paragraph should actually have the community in an uproar.

"Lastly, we know many of you have been waiting a long time to hear about when we might continue the storyline. Unfortunately, I can only tell you that we are still exploring the possibilities. The Pirate story is a big one, and telling that story is a task we don’t take lightly. We are working hard to determine the best way to advance the story, increase the level cap, and allow you to forge ahead with your epic voyage, but I just cannot make any definite promises about how or when."
     So let's put this in layman's terms. What does this quote mean? It means all this hype and frustration for Book 15 has been for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Now, the community shouldn't be mad at Pirate for being late with an update (and extremely late at that) but should outright backlash against the game now. It is one thing to at least promise an update, what this producer's letter states is that they have "no idea what they are doing" and "didn't even start the bloody update! It means in the two years they've had to develop the update, they instead completed 0 progress and just screwed around with updates for lower players or dungeons. At the very least, Wizard101 has promised worlds and (from leaks) we've seen has progress completed for Polaris. And even though we haven't had a "real" world since Khrysalis, Darkmoor was actually new and was someone refreshing.

     Honestly, as a fan of Pirate101 from the beginning (alpha) and enjoyed it far more than Wizard101, this is a huge slap in the face.'s a stab wound to both my eyes and dumped 2 pounds of salt onto the cuts. This is actually ridiculous. In no way shape or form, should they have NOTHING to show for. Plus not to mention, they decided to share the update from the words of a Wizard101 employee since Frog Father, Ratbeard or Blind Mew, couldn't give the message themselves. If Pirate101 thinks they can continue, they are in a fairytale land. This actually might be KI's first big crippling mistake and it will probably cost them Pirate101's future, and possibly the future of their other 5 goddamn other projects. I state this often, but the community needs to actually do something. Ranked PvP (a thing few people really wanted) or Ship PvP (even less so) isn't going to keep people paying.

     The worst part of this, is the fact, ALL of the worlds Pirate101 wishes to add, HAVE assets made. We HAVE Krokotoipa stuff, we HAVE Darkmoor stuff, we HAVE Grizzleheim stuff, and apparently, we HAVE Polaris stuff. They have 0 excuse. It shouldn't be hard to write a story for a game meant for children. And is that what they are arguing? Why and HOW the hell did they even design the story without ANY idea of how to finish it. It's not like George RR Martin just said "Well, let's write 5 books" and have NO IDEA how to finish the series. He might release books years apart, but they make sense and he has a plan. This is actually incredibly unprofessional of KI and honestly, stupid. What they said is, "don't waste your money on the yearly subscription anymore, cause we don't even know how to run this game.

     I've been Nicholas LionRider, good luck to my fellow pirates, you're gonna need it.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Friendly Gave Me a Test, Now I give them a Quest

I would like to thank The Friendly Necromaner for digging my blog out from the grave to do a fun activity. Basically, he challenged me and a few other people to some questions, so bring it on!

1- You're suddenly very tiny and trapped in a giant salad bowl, what do you do?
This is interesting. I am very tiny in retrospect to what exactly? And the salad bowl is giant in retrospect to what? So is there like a giant salad bowl the size of a small building and I am the size of an ant? Man that is really unfair. I would honestly treat it like a jungle or something and eat away until I find some sort of light. But for the most part, panic and wonder why everything is so disproportionate.

2- What's your very first memory of playing video games? If you could lie about that question to make it sound more cool, which game would you choose instead?
This is a semi-difficult question because I have literally been playing games my entire life. Now, if you are talking about actual games, it would probably be like one of those child jumpstart games, those I played about about age 3. My first actual standard game is probably the Tarzan Action Game for PC.
Did I say Jumpstart...I mean I alpha tested Portal...yeah all of those cool story ideas, all me. All my recommendations...totally legit. 10/10.

3- What's your favorite comic book series? Why?
I actually don't read many comics (or really any) but if I were to base it off something I do like, it would probably be either Batman comics or Walking Dead. Really, it comes down to what they have produced from the comics that I really enjoy. I am a crazy TV junkie so Walking Dead is obviously up there, but Batman is also like a cult-classic now from the Arkham series, Gotham on TV and the Christopher Nolan movies. 

4- Most astounding food you've ever tasted? Was it every bit as good the second time you tried it?
The most astounding food I have every tasted is Ravioli Al Forno from a small Rhode Island restaurant, Italian Village. Really good, straight off the boat, Italian food. Amazing. Second time I had it, still really good, but not as good as the first experience.

5- What's something you've lost in your life that you'll never get back. If you did find it, what would you do with it?
There are probably a lot of things I have lost (mostly childhood items) but to this day I still have no idea where they are or where they went. My biggest memory is a lion Neopet stuffed animal (this is far before my "LionRiding" days) and I just never found it. Last thing I remember is leaving it my basement but for years, I couldn't find it again. If I did find it, I wouldn't really do anything but laugh and finally be relieved of a mystery that's happened for some odd 8-9 years now.

6- What theory, rule, or insight do you remember most from school? What made it stick in your head?
Still being in school (Junior in High School) I have a lot of useless stuff still fresh in my mind. Most of it is random facts cause my teachers hardly give any advice. I can't really make this a "wise" or "deep" answer, but probably just all of American history. Since I am studying for the AP US History exam, I pretty much NEED to know everything about all of American history. So that is sorta my mandatory study idea that has been drilled in my head. Either that or my italian conjugations:
Do, Dai, Da, Diamo, Date, Danno. Sto, stai, sta, stiamo, state, stanno.
7- You want to make me a mix CD. What five songs (or artists if you can't name individual songs) would be essential to the mix?
A mix CD? Couldn't I just make a soundcloud playlist? Nah but if I were to actually pick, it would just be a list of some of the world's best.
1. Just Can't Wait to Be King - Lion King (arguably the greatest Disney melody devised, even if it ripped off Under the Sea a bit...)
2. Get Lucky - Daft Punk (just a great song that got stuck in my head)
3. Game of Thrones Theme - Game of Thrones (just pure bliss for the greatest TV show at the moment)
4. When Can I See You Again? - Owl City (just another really happy, melodic tune)
5. Avalon Song - IAmTheChezz (cause I was in it :P)

8- What website do you use that you feel more people should know about?
A website everyone should know about...probably the Crowfall website honestly. I go on it every day now and I just REALLY want Mounts (lions) so people really need to invest in it. Please! Go do it! Also #LionRiderGarrison (need members).

9- If you were to take a week long trip to get away from everything and find some peace of mind, where would you go? Why?
A week long trip? Honestly, I would probably like to go to Africa. There is something that I just really like about the Savanna, the wildlife, the animals, the jungle. It's all nice. If I had to pick a specific spot, probably the Kenyan Savannah or South Africa. Also a lion or elephant sanctuary there might be cool.

10- What's the one game everybody should play? What feeling does it tap into for you?
As much as I love Wizard and Pirate101 I understand it isn't for everyone. Truthfully, I only played it so long because of nostalgia. Currently, I wish everyone would (invest) play Crowfall. It is exactly the game I have always wanted. Minecraft+Game of Thrones+MMO+J Todd Coleman=Best Game Ever! If we are going on games ALREADY out, Tak and the Power of Juju. It to me is still the best game ever made and it is completely overlooked. It may be a third party developer but it is completely unappreciated. Actually all the nickgames of the early 2000s were. They were grade A platformers that rival the well known ones like Banjo Kazooie and Jak and Daxter.

Well that's about it, I'd now like to nominate Justin ShadowBlade (DeathyWiz, seriously resurrect that thing, lately I've blogged more than you), Blaze Shadowhorn (Tales of the Spiral, or Games, or whatever you're on now), Tyler "The Chezz" Stevenson, cause why not, you have an extinct blog, Amber Rosepetal (you still around, we need to talk!) and Ambrose2Zeke for a Liebster, and here are your ten questions from me:

1. What is your favorite TV show of all time? Why? Why is it not Game of Thrones and or Breaking Bad?

2. What is your favorite soda flavor?

3. What is your favorite online media source? Blogging, Youtube, Twitter, Twitch, Myspace...(there is THAT guy), etc.

4. You playing Crowfall? If so what guild (if any) are you planning on playing in? Also what archetype and playstyle do you plan on (crafter or conquerer).

5. Pitch me a product and sell it. Or game if you prefer.

6. What is the first video/blogpost you have ever made.

7. Name your personal best "Game of the Decade" from 2010 onward.

8. You speak any other languages? Kinda I "Kinda know Italian" or I "Kinda know what Obama says"

9. Devise a new game world for an MMO. I want name, description and creatures.

10. Do you like lions and riding them?

Thank you everyone and hope to read on!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday, September 12, 2014

My Rundown of the Pirate101 World Order

So a lot of people are making theories about the next Pirate101 worlds, now I have pretty much analyzed everything I could from concept to in game text so to me, this order of worlds I am about to tell you would make most sense. Everyone is correct in saying that Grizzleheim, Krokotopia, Polaris and Darkmoor are key, however, Grizzleheim will not be as big as people think. I begin my adventure where we left off, Aquila. So we have just obtained the Rosetta Stone, awesome now what was that language again...oh yes, Krokotopian. You see, Blind Mew states there are three languages in the Spiral, Aquilan Linear A, Aquilan Linear B (one is simple pirate's English) and Krokotopian. Obviously we know this isn't true as we have seen on several accounts, various languages from worlds including Grizzleheim, Zafaria, and Celestia. So where would we go to transcribe guessed, it, we are heading to AVALON! No, but seriously, the next major world we will visit will be Krokotopia. Now, Krokotopia has been around A WHILE. Seriously, Wizard101 had plans of expansion for Krok since 2009. Krokotopia has a very unique history that actually messes up the history put fourth in Wizard101. Sadly it seems, both Blind Mew and Artorius seem to butt heads with each other on what is cannon. Now Artorious has recently placed Mirage as a "world" however, as shown in the concept above, the original document name was 'KT_mirage_hub", meaning "Mirage" is the capital city of Krokotopia. Makes sense when you think about it right? Mirage is Middle-Eastern in theme, Krokotopia is Egyptian, why not merge them, they both have a similar culture and environment. KI does this all the time, MooShu is half Japan, half China, Polaris is to be half Russia, half France.

     Back to the premise. Next place we are heading off to in the story (which is CONFIRMED) is Valencia. I assume we will visit Valencia 3 total times each with a different skyway. We have already been there once and saw the destruction of isles by the armada but the next visit will be more...political. We will be introduced officially to Kane as well as his female counterpart (most likely named "Queen") and will be introduced to the lore and reign of King Casimir, the unicorn king of Valencia. Our third and final visit will not be for some time after oh say, 2 more worlds. Let's get into those specifically. The two worlds after Krokotopia to me are going to be Darkmoor and finally Polaris. Darkmoor I assume will have a role in finding our mom's map piece considering she is dead, might want to consult with the world of the undead. Obviously we might go for a different reason but I assume it is a fair guess. After we leave Darkmoor we will finally head off for Erika the Red's piece. Now instinctivly we would head to Grizzleheim and YOU, would be correct. We will ENTER Grizzleheim, I might even dare say we will dock, however, it will not be a full blown adventure world like Krokotopia, Aquila or Moo Shu. It will be a quick in and out, one skyway world that they may expand on. In fact, Grizzleheim won't be our ONLY skyway we cross through we will cross through...*DRUMROLL* Wizard City. The Marco Pollo map spells out the root to Polaris which is VERY far away in the spiral indeed. In fact I think I may be able to pinpoint the skyways in the spiral, the two missing Aquilan stormgates are Valencia and Krokotopia, and in order to get to Grizzlheim we cross through Wizard City. It will not be a dockable world but a simple skyway where we steer our ship around the mighty grandfather tree world and find our stormgate to GH. Once in GH we wish to go to Polaris, the final world before El Dorado. The reason for Polaris is because Erika the Red (being the nomatic viking all Grizzleheim citizens are) has fled to PL. Why? She knew a war would break out over her map piece and she knew she would be safer in the secluded world abandoned from civil war. Also I argue there is a direct coorelation between the Grizzlheim bears and Ices Bears of Polaris. 

Polaris is a beautiful and large world that I am sure will be amazing. In addition, is it a difficult assumption to presume Napoleguin will regain control of Polaris and provide us an army aligned with the allied forces of Gortez and Monquista, as well as the Marleybonian navy to defeat Kane once and for all? That's right my order of worlds is: Krokotopia, Darkmoor, (technically Grizzleheim and Wizard City for a short time) and finally Polaris. Ending with El Dorado of course. I cannot be certain any of this is correct but I was correct about Marleybone and Aquila (thanks to One Eyed Jack for hinting at it in a meeting with IAmTheChezz and myself before it's release). To me the details of the spiral are everywhere and it's little things like finding concept to find out that Mirage is in fact an area of Krokotopia and not an outright world. Which we have found to be the case in several other worlds, Nodor as a part of Grizzleheim, Weirwood being in Avalon, etc. I hope you all enjoyed reading and I will see you in the spiral. FOR THE GLORY OF MOTHER POLARIS!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: What's Wrong with People Doing it in Wizard101

     So one of the world's most popular fads right now is the ALS Ice bucket challenge. I have no problem with it, it is a simple challenge to raise donations and awareness for ALS, a terrible and fatal disease/disorder that slowly over time paralyzes the bodies systems needed to survive. To put it in simple terms, the ALS "Ice Bucket Challenge" is where one person, nominated by another person, dumps ice water on themselves and donates roughly $10 to they then in turn nominate 3 people to participate in the challenge as well. Simple enough, failure to accept the ice bucket challenge within 24 hours requires the person to then donate 10 times the amount originally required. For the average person, $10 would turn into $100 but I know some famous youtubers and stuff generously put down anywhere from $500-$5000 (big props to you GameGrumps) even after accepting the challenge within the time slot. So why am I making this post then if I think it's a good cause and a fun (non harmful) trend? The wizard101 community creating their own "challenge" from it. This actually isn't even the Wizard101 community because the entire community is split into several distinct factions relating to a social media platform they base their "sector" of the community in. The people specifically doing this sort of stuff I am talking about are the #TWIZARDS which to me is super dumb. They will put #Twiz/#Twizard in front of anything to try and make it different from whatever. They have become so ignorant and privileged from everyone else in the game that they themselves are a totally separate community from the rest of the game. These are the people that won't want a KingsIsleCon but a TWIZCon, the same people that talk about the community and have #TwizardStrong. They don't understand the actual game they even support! The game isn't "Twizard101". What once started out as a new media platform wizards came to turned into this indifferent group of bigoted drama queens. So what are they doing in regards to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. They have created the "Twizard Ice Bucket Challenge" is it any different than the normal challenge? No, they just wanted to throw their name onto it to make it special. Here is what I don't like: people abusing the simple rules put fourth. People aren't doing the actual challenge they are doing half-a**ed versions that don't do anything. Here are a few examples:
Scenario 1. A person was tagged to do the challenge in real life.          -They complete the challenge and nominate 3 of their IRL friends...but they don't stop there, they think that suddenly you get to add an additional 3 "twizards" cause they are different than anyone else somehow? The rules say nominate 3 people...that's it...your challenge only counts once for those 3 don't dump water on your head and that then gives you the rights to nominate, 3 family members, 3 close friends, 3 neighbors, 3 relatives, 3 online friends, like it doesn't work like that. You nominate 3 people and that's it.
Scenario 2. They don't do the challenge.         -The challenge put simply is you record yourself dumping ice water on yourself, publish it online, donate, and nominate 3 friends. Creating a video of a puppet getting soaked in water, a drawing of your wizard getting water dripped on it, your character in game using a water effect, that doesn't count. "But they are shy" then they don't accept the challenge. What is the point of "doing" the challenge if you don't do it and donate? Hi I just made this video of my character in the commons pond, saying "ooh chilly". You didn't do it in real didn't actually get cold...the point of doing it is to show your commitment to the cause. If you don't you donate, when you have your character do it to save money cause your cheap from donating or want to say you "did it". I don't think that's acceptable. To me, you shouldn't be able to nominate anyone, get out of the donation of $100 or whatever, or say that you did it when you just did a cheap knockoff. And to those that say they are shy and want to hide their identities? Why...most of the people on twitter are grown adults and HAVE in the past shown their faces on camera, shared out their real life names. I know now, almost EVERYONE is doing it cause like I said twitter has come a long way from everyone using aliases behind the cover of their W101 character to now just using it as a real life twitter. And last but not least the one that I can really upset about seeing:
Scenario 3. They don't even donate.
       -The challenge originated to raise awareness (and boy has it succeeded) and raise additional funding to research towards finding a possible cure for ALS. Now it has become some mainstream fad that everyone blindly follows cause EVERYONE is doing it. And I think the twizard community (along with a lot of other people, this isn't just targeting them by any means) are losing sight of the actual cause and not actually donating to the foundation. This isn't a Harlem isn't a Cinnamon Challenge, it is a fun thing to raise awareness for ALS. Now take it from me, I WILL NOT, judge you if you don't participate in this challenge even if you were nominated. I won't bother you or judge you if you don't donate to helping ALS. I can agree with some other people that in general, it isn't maybe the best organization to group fund compared to the fact we are wasting water from doing it and could be putting more money into other diseases much more popular and lethal. And if that is your opinion on the matter, that is fine. If you are downright LAZY and don't feel like donating or freezing, I am fine with that. But I do expect, if you intend on, nominating someone, outdoing your friends challenge, just donate. I look at it like voting, if you plan on voting in America, you accept our rules and do what you're expected and you get that right. Same here, if you follow through and donate the expected amount you originally intended, go ahead and get a dump truck full of water dumped on your, jump in a trashcan full of water, have a solid block of ice hit you in the head, do whatever but know what the cause is for.
     This post is not meant to offend those in the community that did the challenge and did what was expected. They nominated only 3 people, donated and actually followed through with the challenge. This is for the people that copped out or were too lenient with what they could do. Obviously the past is in the past but I just hope that people understood what the actual meaning of the trend is and not just reading it off like some script they do before each video. That's about it, until next time, see you in the spiral! -Nicholas LionRider

Sunday, August 10, 2014

An Honest Review on Fishing and related updates (Made Over 2 years ago)

     Now I am very blunt with my opinions as people know but I often get criticism for my opinions. When you analyze and review a topic, it is a natural reaction, but for some reason people in the Wizard101 and Pirate101 community, they LOVE to defend KingsIsle as if they are a five year old boy who had someone say his finger painting wasn't very good. Thing is, KI is a multi-million (if not billion) dollar company and people seriously can't wrap their mind around that. They are never given respect as an MMO on top ten lists, they are not treated as popular online games unless put on a family friendly list, and why? KingsIsle is an online POWER in gaming, they have literally OBLITERATED  any competition. Toontown, Freerealms, Fusion Fall, Pirates Online, the only thing left is "Club Penguin" and that is more of a chatroom for kids more than an MMO. So why is it we continue to act like they are a baby company. I watched a WatchMojo review of the top 10 MMOs and I was thinking Wizard101 must AT LEAST get an honorable mention, I don't care if it's for kids, if it's dominating profits, cleaning out stores for gift cards, and given numerous rewards and continuing to make profit for almost 7 years, that's PRETTY GOOD. I think people need to just wake up and realize KingsIsle isn't an indie company starting up, or a stupid kids game, cause I'll tell you one thing big devs, Elder Scrolls Online, is making MILLIONS of dollars less in profits, even after your ridiculous pricing, Wildstar, Id like to see you try to obtain 50 million paying accounts. And the best part is, KI has found a way to make mindless zombies to advertise and promote their pay to win strategy and defend it afterward. Official sites, the #twizards, it's all a ploy. Any update we get, the people of twitter and central act as if it is a forthcoming from heaven. "THANK YOU LORD FOR GIVING ME FISHING! EVEN IF IT WAS JUST A CROSS BETWEEN ANIMAL CROSSING AND TOONTOWN'S SYSTEM THEY JUST KNOCKED OFF!". Now don't get me wrong, fishing is fun,     because they took from those games. Now here are some things to take into consideration before you go off in your head listing why "it is beneficial", there are none. Matter of fact, none of the systems in the game have any benefit besides pet training. There is a hack floating around to get literally unlimited pet snacks and because of an outside engine KingsIsle can't ban accounts. So gardening has no use, what about crafting. Crafting is good if you want to spend hours farming for reagents to craft the gear for PvP, which again is pointless. What use does PvP have? Your name if your EXTREMELY good on a list? A badge above your head? And you don't need to even craft gear for the normal questing because KingsIsle has babied us with the last few patches on worlds that any gear no matter how bad can have you beat bosses. Like seriously, did we really need to nerf LOST SOULS!?!?! So let's look at fishing, what do you get out of it. The ability to catch fish. That's it really, no gear, no boosts to your character. The ability to look at and take pride in your virtual fish collection is all you have. Sure you can display them, but what's the point. Now if your like me, I've already collected all the fish in the game, so what's my purpose in catching any more? It's totally a useless feature that until they update I have no use in touching again. This is the problem with KingsIsle, as much as they are praised by their community, and ignored by everyone else, their games have NOTHING to do end game. "Hey want to do a dungeon together after school?" "Sure, which of the four do you want? Waterworks, Tower of the Helephant, Briskbreez or Tartarus?" "WHO DOES BRISKBREEZE!" *laughter* like there is nothing to do besides the same handful of dungeons over and over, or house really. As I mentioned unless you care so much about cosmetics, from gardening, crafting or fishing, they are pointless. Even pet training, if you are going to get sucked into that idealogy of the "perfect pet" which much like pokemon's gotta catch em' all model, is impossible to do. Much like pokemon, the perfect pet is constantly updating with each update, and KingsIsle has set it up so we have a pay to win set up for most things that are merely cosmetic. Mounts, hoards, gear, pet snacks, tournies, none of this is obtanable unless you sit at home 24/7 and play Wizard101 like half the adults in the community. How they can afford to pay for their lives of pizza bagels and crowns I have no idea because they seem to never leave the house and are always there for any glimpse of an update. WOAH A NEW SHOE MOUNT! BEST THING EVER! AMAZING! 11/10! KI YOUR THE GREATEST! Like what? I like KingsIsle but am I the only one that can see their flaws? For example, this week we had a few people banned for literally no reason, one happened to be a friend of mine, but while some people with human hearts will critcize KI, here comes the community leaders and wannabee community leaders coming in "KI is 100% right all the time they are never to blame" I seriously wonder if some of the people in our community are just downright insane...they are so bipolar it isnt even funny "KI make more content" "KI slow down your doing too much" "KI your always right I love you". Whatever, if you want my shortened opinion on fishing alone, its cool I guess. No benefits beyond virtual cash and virtual fish but if that's what your into, go for it. Ill see you in the spiral -Nicholas LionRider 

PS About the community managers? Who picks them? Cause FYI Leesha was always the most hated person on Ravenwood Radio back in the day...and when did she just rise up out of the ground? Like we seriously couldn't have gotten someone who actually cared about the game like Stephen at least, Stephens a cool guy but Leesha was always so rude and cruel to her viewers. I just hope she does a better job than Lydia...Lydia literally did like nothing at all. At least we still have Tom as a co-manager for both games though, Friendly has always been the coolest person in the community.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Pirate101 Pet Training and Battling Review

     Ah you so much but WHAT ON EARTH IS THIS! Now I just want to clear things up, I don't hate the entire test realm update and to be quite honest my opinion is a bit late anyways to even have it matter but I still wanted to address the amount of sheer facepalming I felt when playing this update. To my surprise it wasn't even the companion changes I was mad at. The things I was mad at were the updates that I was most excited for. Pet training is TERRIBLE. "But Nick, it's so fun, you can watch them grow and play fun games with them" is what I have been getting in response to the my anger and people need to open their eyes to what pet training is. It is like the worst farmville type game ever created, mixed in with minimal to no actual gameplay at all. Sure the Wizard101 pet training is flawed and the people that just want to feed their pets snacks should be able to do it if they don't want to play the dance game every time but the OPTION for someone to actually do something is there. Pirate101 didn't even have the decency to totally copy Wizard101! The people at Kings Isle are just standing there like...

This is what I hate. The pet training is literally, well clicking buttons. They promised us simple activities to do with pets that we all assumed were some form of mini quests or mini games. Not an interface with a stupid squirrel! And if this was the case and there were no games, fine, but why add the little tents! The people from Skull Island, Grizzleheim, MooShu and Marleybone have absolutely NO PURPOSE other than the little introduction. They aren't merchants, they aren't pet game kiosks, so why are they there? And if they were going to do this LOWER THE FREKIN' PRICE! I am talking to some of the idiots that run our community and they are sitting their like "Well, isn't it SO FUN!" Like am I seriously the only crazy one that thinks this is in no way  fun? Wizard101 had pet snacks that are pricey and Pirate has them too but now they have the stupid ADDITIONAL price of the "gear". Again, the gear has no purpose other than a gimmick to get you to buy more stuff. So after you blow you're college saving buying the pet gear and pet snacks to train your pet, and somehow convinced yourself to not blow your brains out for even thinking about doing this, you are ready to train, you choose an activity hit 'train' and Oh look, it will only take my 26 hours to train my pet! That is reasonable. I mean, Wizard101 has the EXCRUCIATING time of about 30 seconds by doing the dance game but Pirate101 thought it would be fun to wait hours upon hours for your stupid pet to have the chance to level. And that is my point, mega snacks are REQUIRED to train in both games, you will not get that perfect pet by not spending money and that is the problem. KingsIsle is known for the pay to win model but do it in a way that makes it seem like you don't NEED to spend money. But again the stupid people in our community, "No you don't need to spend money, you can wait, you have to be patient, you are all so lazy" but no, I am not going to wait 20+ hours to give my pet ONE snack and do that every day. IF I did that, it would take my literally like 3 and a half years to train a pet to mega, which sorry to break it to you, P101 won't last that long for it to matter (maybe an exaggeration). Okay, you waited your lifetime to feed your pet and then you will on occasion get this LOVELY message...

     Can I explain to you how irritating this is? You wait all that time, you spend all that money on pet snacks to train your pet for talents that aren't really worth it to begin with, and you get that message. Your pet just, it doesn't FEEL like eating, it just doesn't FEEL like training today. So then your hot earned money goes to waste but you can always try again later with one of the other 16-22 long hour training sessions, but sorry your pet doesn't have dumbbells, which you acquire from salsa dancing, which requires maracas, which you can only get from hay jumping, which requires Jordan sneakers, which you can only get from pet battling...
Which takes me to I might say, stupidest systems I have ever seen. Pet battling, has NO TALENT to it. You do NOTHING while your pet get's his butt kicked by over powered NPCS or other players that have sat through hundreds of other battles until they are allowed to bring in four pets for your one. The idiots argue "You hit cheer though" but 'cheer' does little to nothing. Immediately, it has no benefits, it does nothing when you click it, it just adds a little bit to a bar that fills up. Once it's filled up you can use one of your pet's specials but they do nothing, because you are dead before the bar fills up anyways. I cannot stress how much this update angers me, it is boring as hell, has no strategy to it, has you doing absolutely NOTHING but waiting and requires you to burn I would say hundreds to thousands of dollars to get your perfect ostrich. I have been Nicholas LionRider/Kent and I will see you later, as a final word, I will not be participating in pet training because I am not in the slightest bit interested and as a final rating on this entire update I am just going to call it what it is. A waste. The game was fine as is with all it's elements but they had to go tampering with a perfectly good thing, they could have invested more time into Valencia Part II, or Krokotopia but instead they create new free to play areas (already losing money there) and the only way to get some of the money back they spend on the new rat gang areas was to put a gigantic price tag on pets and so I hope you all "enjoy" the new Pirate101 because I am just upset by it.