Saturday, January 11, 2014

What Wizard101 Should Do before Third Arc

K I just want to make this blog post as a theorist of the Wizard101 community specifically. As much as people say #twizards and #twirates (which again twitter users aren't the entire "community for either game) are the same, they aren't so this is for the hardcore Wizard fans not pirates or those who like both games. As a lot of people are quickly finding out, Wizard101 is losing it's fans and credit rapidly. Some loyal fans have stuck around but I have seen far too many friends of mine leave anywhere from 3 years ago to a month ago. As much as I may rant about some aspects about KI, they are still one of my favorite gaming companies of all time and I wouldn't continue to be playing them 6 years later if I didn't like them. Now time for the niddy-griddy. Why Wizard101 has had a decline in revenue. Through my research and consulting my friends I don't think it's only the community nor do I think "the content" is getting boring. I think it is the pre-existing bad aspects in the game that at the time seemed like it wasn't a big deal but without the already existing problems being fixed, slowly got worse. Think of it like a disease, it may start out as a common cold but unless treated it could get extremely bad. I think this sorta applies with Wizard101. The number one thing I see people requesting is content, am I wrong? Now although that works for some players what happens to the players that finish the new world or dungeon or whatever and then have nothing to do? But see that is the thing, you SHOULD have something to do. It's Wizard101 you can go gardening, crafting, pet training, PvPing-wait a second...Have you noticed something? All the activities KI has for the people who finish the game seem to be broken in a way. All these systems people complain are either boring or abused by other players and you know what, they are right. As much as KI tries to "tamper" with PvP to make it fair, it never works because people find ways to abuse other things in it. Things like jade gear and stuff have ruined it for people or the unfair matching of getting your level 10 to warlord because you are fighting new players. I myself can never get into PvP because I have people going "Ha! Noob! Look his pet doesn't have: fairy, sprite, both resists, fire giver and whatever. Cause no not everyone has the time or motivation to get the best gear from crafting or pet training because again, they are boring. Pet training is literally impossible without pet snacks (mega specifically) and crafting just get's annoying with the quests alone. I am not saying all these activities are bad just need an update. Same goes for worlds honestly, I think before we adventure into third arc, just spend a efw months making the Morganthe arc a little more fun (add rides like the Marleybone air ship, Krok boat or drake) they have proved they CAN still do it with the dragonfly in the Hive Bundle. So why not, the Morganthe arc is perfect for them! The elevator to floating land in CL, the boat rides in ZF, the ziplines in AZ! They are perfect for this mechanic. Also maybe add some improvements to things like Aquila so it isn't ONLY dungeons. That is a big complaint for me, W101 needs to act like P101 when it comes to fans. I get it the big names like Kelsey FireHeart and Johnny and stuff are high levels but they aren't your only fanbase. Make the game fun for ALL levels. This is why I think the worlds need an upgrade. You can give the high levels more content but unless you fix everything else that has problems in the here and now, you will be beaten out by your own brother game! Content and worlds are cool but remember to focus on making a fun game and not another 50 quests with a different theme. Pirate101 said it right out, you can take 6 worlds and keep revisiting them with different stories, not EVERY time do we need a new change of scenery. I merely propose this and to anyone who agrees with me it would be appreciated to comment or share this. I ask for a halt in world making for a short time after the Morganthe Arc is completed. Don't move straight into another arc just take a few months and try to fix and improve the mechanics already in the game so I don't need to look at the "best house in the spiral" with nothing in it but two dead plants. I have been Nicholas LionRider trying to help you for a better spiral


  1. I agree with what you said about improvements but it will take kingsisle more time to work all that out and by the time they do they will lose some players who are waiting for to come for awhile. My point is the game is fun but has room for improvement. Making rare boss drops easier to obtain would help. I was farming for morganthe's amulet for storm the other day and my group said either they get the amulet or quit the game. Improving the game little by little will help but don't overdo it