Friday, September 12, 2014

My Rundown of the Pirate101 World Order

So a lot of people are making theories about the next Pirate101 worlds, now I have pretty much analyzed everything I could from concept to in game text so to me, this order of worlds I am about to tell you would make most sense. Everyone is correct in saying that Grizzleheim, Krokotopia, Polaris and Darkmoor are key, however, Grizzleheim will not be as big as people think. I begin my adventure where we left off, Aquila. So we have just obtained the Rosetta Stone, awesome now what was that language again...oh yes, Krokotopian. You see, Blind Mew states there are three languages in the Spiral, Aquilan Linear A, Aquilan Linear B (one is simple pirate's English) and Krokotopian. Obviously we know this isn't true as we have seen on several accounts, various languages from worlds including Grizzleheim, Zafaria, and Celestia. So where would we go to transcribe guessed, it, we are heading to AVALON! No, but seriously, the next major world we will visit will be Krokotopia. Now, Krokotopia has been around A WHILE. Seriously, Wizard101 had plans of expansion for Krok since 2009. Krokotopia has a very unique history that actually messes up the history put fourth in Wizard101. Sadly it seems, both Blind Mew and Artorius seem to butt heads with each other on what is cannon. Now Artorious has recently placed Mirage as a "world" however, as shown in the concept above, the original document name was 'KT_mirage_hub", meaning "Mirage" is the capital city of Krokotopia. Makes sense when you think about it right? Mirage is Middle-Eastern in theme, Krokotopia is Egyptian, why not merge them, they both have a similar culture and environment. KI does this all the time, MooShu is half Japan, half China, Polaris is to be half Russia, half France.

     Back to the premise. Next place we are heading off to in the story (which is CONFIRMED) is Valencia. I assume we will visit Valencia 3 total times each with a different skyway. We have already been there once and saw the destruction of isles by the armada but the next visit will be more...political. We will be introduced officially to Kane as well as his female counterpart (most likely named "Queen") and will be introduced to the lore and reign of King Casimir, the unicorn king of Valencia. Our third and final visit will not be for some time after oh say, 2 more worlds. Let's get into those specifically. The two worlds after Krokotopia to me are going to be Darkmoor and finally Polaris. Darkmoor I assume will have a role in finding our mom's map piece considering she is dead, might want to consult with the world of the undead. Obviously we might go for a different reason but I assume it is a fair guess. After we leave Darkmoor we will finally head off for Erika the Red's piece. Now instinctivly we would head to Grizzleheim and YOU, would be correct. We will ENTER Grizzleheim, I might even dare say we will dock, however, it will not be a full blown adventure world like Krokotopia, Aquila or Moo Shu. It will be a quick in and out, one skyway world that they may expand on. In fact, Grizzleheim won't be our ONLY skyway we cross through we will cross through...*DRUMROLL* Wizard City. The Marco Pollo map spells out the root to Polaris which is VERY far away in the spiral indeed. In fact I think I may be able to pinpoint the skyways in the spiral, the two missing Aquilan stormgates are Valencia and Krokotopia, and in order to get to Grizzlheim we cross through Wizard City. It will not be a dockable world but a simple skyway where we steer our ship around the mighty grandfather tree world and find our stormgate to GH. Once in GH we wish to go to Polaris, the final world before El Dorado. The reason for Polaris is because Erika the Red (being the nomatic viking all Grizzleheim citizens are) has fled to PL. Why? She knew a war would break out over her map piece and she knew she would be safer in the secluded world abandoned from civil war. Also I argue there is a direct coorelation between the Grizzlheim bears and Ices Bears of Polaris. 

Polaris is a beautiful and large world that I am sure will be amazing. In addition, is it a difficult assumption to presume Napoleguin will regain control of Polaris and provide us an army aligned with the allied forces of Gortez and Monquista, as well as the Marleybonian navy to defeat Kane once and for all? That's right my order of worlds is: Krokotopia, Darkmoor, (technically Grizzleheim and Wizard City for a short time) and finally Polaris. Ending with El Dorado of course. I cannot be certain any of this is correct but I was correct about Marleybone and Aquila (thanks to One Eyed Jack for hinting at it in a meeting with IAmTheChezz and myself before it's release). To me the details of the spiral are everywhere and it's little things like finding concept to find out that Mirage is in fact an area of Krokotopia and not an outright world. Which we have found to be the case in several other worlds, Nodor as a part of Grizzleheim, Weirwood being in Avalon, etc. I hope you all enjoyed reading and I will see you in the spiral. FOR THE GLORY OF MOTHER POLARIS!

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  1. This is an amazing post! I really think the things you said in this post would fit in Pirate101 perfectly. I only hope they decide where they are going to take the story soon... I really hope they at least created the world(s) for this storyline too. You're right, you did make a great storyline for the game! :D I really do love that you have us cross through Wizard City to get to Grizzleheim! We are in the same spiral. I think this post fits perfectly together and now I'm excited b/c I think that would be pretty cool to log onto the game right now and explore all of these worlds with your storyline!