Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Zebrifica: Progress Update Post Number 1

This is excelent news for the progress of Zebrifica I finished the map of the world. Though it took a few days I finished and it looks great so here it is. It includes the main places of the Wastelands behind the Waterhole. The Waterhole Dead center. The Ape Overlord Jungle is the floating island that you get through from the Waterhole main hub. The Oni Kingdom which is located also on the eastern side of the Waterhole. The Grasslands which is in the North Eastern of the map. Filled with the towns and stuff. Then the coolest one I think which is the Horned Warriors Kingdom which is filled with volcanic rock and giant animal skeletons. And of course I have the orginal picture I drew of Sir Wiggly Tusk the Porter if you missed it already. Stay tuned for more art, videos, news or maybe music *Wink, wink* If you like it please comment on my latest post.

           You can find that post in the Zebrifica page to the right. Its really cool and if you want the latest news on concept art or anything you will find it there. I am hoping to get at least a new thing up every day or every other day so stay tuned. This week we had two. The map which was posted today and Sir Wiggly Tusk the Porter which was two days ago. If you would like to see his concept art he will be at the bottom. Also if you like the map and want more from this just demand it in the comments or just compliment me if you liked it. It was a lot of work but I am planning on making the music for the Water hole this week. I have the actual tune in my head I just need to get it all recorded. I hope you like it and enjoy this ugly looking pig in a little suit :P

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