Monday, August 15, 2011

Spells Two

This goes to all of my fans of the last Spells post that I made. I made several new ones and they all are either from ideas from you guys or ones that I decided to make. First Up is an Idea for Talon ThunderBlade and Morgrim TrollFriend who asked me to make a new myth card called Manticore. I decided hey why not. So here it is. Second and Third are ideas I thought of which are Yeti and Volcano. Both really awesome spells. The next is another From Talon ThunderBlade who gave me the idea of the storm spell. This being the Basilisk. Its a much better Storm spell then what I was thinking with Mermaid Swarm. But hey what can I say I needed an idea for a storm and Talon pulled through. So here they are the Basilisk and the early storm spell idea Mermaid Swarm.


So this is something that Allan NightStone is making me do. It was a card I made for a tutorial for him and he made me post it so here it is. PUFF THE MAGIC DRAGON!


  1. Puff! Thanks, Nick! I appeared lots in that paragraph XD.-Thunderblade

  2. Woot! A DOT myth spell! (hehe, even if it is fictional, it's awesome!)
    Thanks Nick