Thursday, December 8, 2011

Proof of new worlds located in Commercial

Okay hey guys I know I need to post more but I got big news. Two, count um TWO new world have been discovered. Today Kings Isle released the new commecial on Zafaria and one world with a skull on it (possible death world) and another on top of a giant turtle. I have mulitple ideas and will go into my theory on each. I also would like to give credit to Luke Goldhorn who found the first world I discovered the second and he took pictures of both. Now here they are.

Skull World: (World name still unknown)


Theory: This can maybe be the next world after Zafaria but I think it will be after the next world, and will probably be a death world. The death world seems to center around a giant skull and is probably still being created. The idea is nice but I think that we might see future evidence of this world after the next world.

Turtle-back World: (Name still unknown)

Video Evidence:

Theory: My theory is that it will be based off of Native American culture. In Native American legends they tell of the world being brought on the back of a giant turtle. This is a good example of that.
I think that KI is making this world at the moment and it will be followed after Zafaria. I am precise on my dates of release because I am sure that I have them correct. If anyone knows more about native american folkloore please feel free to comment.

Reasoning behind my dates of release and ideas:

 My ideas come from Morganthes riddle. We thought we solved it with Wintertusk or Wysteria but we were wrong. I now see that it must be the ideas of the next four worlds. My idea is, Zafaria, The native american world, skull world and then a Myth world. Her riddle if you forget was: The mirror will break, the horn will call, from the shadows i'll strike and the sky will fall. Now here are my evidence. By Mirror Morganthe meant Mirror Lake of Zafaria. She destroyed it and left to the next world. The horn will call is our next hint at a new world. Native Americans used horns as alarms in need and so it would make sense that his turtle back world is next. From the shadows i'll strike, perfect example of a death world and a good name for an area, something such as Shadow Crypt Tower. And last the sky will fall. Probably referring to a sky world. A myth world would be good if it took place on Olympus but it could also be a heaven like world. I picture for this world a city on clouds and then maybe Morganthe wants it falling down.


  1. Hmm, that skull on the skull world looks like the skull cave from Dueling Diego... very mysterious indeed.

  2. I saw that too, i thought it was a trick of my eyes and has I am typing this the commercial came on too lol I have a blog that is called The snow angel and I had a theory of a world being called Empyrea I have heard it around the spiral.Good eye and lets hope those worlds do come.

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  4. Replies
    1. I realize that now, it was years ago when this post was made. Right when Zafaria was released lol, still found them first.