Saturday, May 4, 2013

Avalon Song and An Update for me

   I know it is weird how I am posting! I have been pretty busy lately with  youtube lately with by friend Tyler. Speaking of that however today we released the first ever, Avalon Song. You can find the song here as well as the rest of the playthrough on the channel. It is hilarious and has been getting a great positive response do to it's own genre we "The Chezz" developed. I am glad to say it is finally done because if you will notice if you decide to check out the rest of the playthrough, Avalon was started exactly one year ago today. It has been a wild ride and a fun one at that. Now we are asking if you enjoy Tyler and my content I would recommend demanding Azteca. DEMAND, DEMAND, DEMAND! Tyler isn't sure if he is up to do the sequel to the Avalon playthrough but with support from his fans I am sure he will do one. In other great news, One-Eyed Jack, AKA The Friendly Necromancer, is doing a remix of the song soon and possibly a blog post about it as well. We are shooting for the Ravenwood news page of the website since literally this entire project has taken a year. Tyler puts a lot of time and effort into his videos, more than I think any other Wizard101 youtuber ever has. And his quality is funny, excellent and just a good experience. I must warn you now however that his content does have some explicit language and crude humor however the Avalon song was made sure to be appropriate for younger audiences to enjoy!
   Now onto my news. I have been busy lately and literally my last post was ended EXTREMELY abruptly however I intend on bringing my blog back. I have a bunch of really cool ideas I want to share with you guys and I know how much you guys enjoy my ideas. Question of the day will just be, what did you think of the Avalon Song? And I already know there is a glitch with the 1080p where the text is actually WORSE quality than something such as 720 or 480. So see you soon and I will see you in the spiral!

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