Sunday, June 23, 2013

Back to Blogging

   So I will officially start trying to blog once again. Mainly about theorycrafting, my ideas and artwork from now on. I will delete most of my old posts that I will deem, unprofessional and any ideas and posts I enjoyed or liked I will keep for you all to enjoy. I just wanted to give you guys an update on me, lately I have been all over the place. I have touched upon most of the branches in the community and I wanted to get back to my roots of blogging. I will probably actually make a post on the 7 branches of the Wizard/Pirate community in the future but for now I will stick to this post.
   Now a lot of people now know me for my art, it may have fooled some people a few times over at From this I have gotten many mixed feelings about them. They are indeed fake, you will not find a Darkmoor bundle any time soon (I hope actually), or Elf101. Although some people love them and think they are very creative, others find them to be terrible and view them as well as myself in a negative light. I will mention now, "I" have NEVER mentioned they are real. I only give them to Justin ShadowBlade since they are artwork I like to make for ideas I find cool. Sometimes Justin asks specifically for certain things but none the less, I have no idea what he himself writes or states about them. From now on I am only going to be posting my artwork on select sites. Mainly this one. Now I don't want to be mean and put watermarks, copyright and stuff like that on them but if you do use them can you at least just mention me. I would much appreciate that, however no using them for contests -_- that is just annoying.
   With the new content coming soon I will most likely redo my website as well as make it more focused on you guys. If you have any topics ideas, or anything else you would like me to talk about, give my opinion on or whatever just let me know in the comments. That is your question of the day, what would you like to see from me. Comment below and stay tuned for more posts coming up.

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