Sunday, April 6, 2014

Pirate101 American Revolution World?

     After digging through some old draft posts I stumbled across this post I made a while back for a collab project that never really worked out with some people in the community of an untitled world. Thought I would post it just for fun and maybe you guys like the idea of the revolution world, I have a ton of other ideas and concept pieces if you guys do so make sure to comment on your opinions. Enjoy.  

Hello, my name is Nicholas LionRider or Nicholas Kent for you pirates out there. My job for Theorycrafting101 was to focus on a few topics and one of which is a personal favorite is the idea of colonies. Now ever since the release of Marleybone in Pirate101 and as far back as Krokotopia in Wizard101, we have seen similarities between real life history and Kings Isle’s games. Kings Isle likes to take fun and exciting parts of actual history and give them a twist that makes the game both fun and educational. Since we have seen a lot of the UK (MB), Spain(MQ), Italy(VL) and even glimpses of French/Russian history with Polaris, why not touch on the origin of American history. Cool Ranch was a fun world and shared the western exploration side of America but not the roots of the Revolution and the birth of the original 13 colonies.

Prologue: My story line takes place some time after a few worlds. Gortez calls upon you with urgent news.
Gortez: Pirate, we need to speak. My army has grown ten fold since the last time we spoke. I adopted some mercenaries from the coasts of Zafaria. I am training them to become my elite generals. Although I have a army, my men require a navy in order to prevent the crown to be taken from me. Talk to Father Pizarro in the holy church located in Monquista city he will give you a start on where to find the strong navy I need.

Once you talk to father Pizarro, he explains the best area to go for ships is the land of ______.

Father Pizarro: Please! Please! Don’t harm me giant! What? You aren’t here to squish me like a bug? A navy? Gortez? I can give you that. The best ship builders in the entire spiral are the dogs of _______.

A puppet show begins: You see, 50 years ago today, the greatest explorer to ever live set sail on a quest that would change the spiral forever. Even Marco Pollo couldn’t compare. His name was Christopher Colobus. The bravest monquistador the world had ever known. Sent by the royal family, Colobus along with his skilled group of men sailed many days to find a new stormgate to Rajah, this did not happen. Halfway through the stormgate Colobus became horribly lost. It got worse from there. A hideous monster the size of a titan attacked the ships. Destroying two…and a half of them. When Colobus and his crew arrived at the new world they were greeted…not so friendly. They were ambushed by natives! Colobus and his remaining crew fought back and thus the new world was born! Word spread quickly throughout the spiral of this world. Everyone wanted a piece of the land, Valencia, Darkmoor, even Polaris! Marleybone had it’s own trouble cateering to the needs of the it’s people. Riots began and the queen sent a group of settlers to the new world to make a new home governed for themselves. The first colony was born, Lexiton Port. Later more colonies formed until there was over a dozen! That is where you must go pirate. Be warned however, the locals don’t take well to people who favor Marleybone…better carry a weapon at all times.
Storyline: There are 13 colonies located in _____. Each is unique and above all else dangerous. The main story introduces you to many characters such as George Washingtalon, Benjamin Froglin, and Freezedrich von Snowben. All will aid you on your journey to making ____ a free world. By completing tasks in each colony you will get their respect and eventually will unite them to fight against Marleybone for their freedom. The war is a difficult one however the colonists are some of the best shots in the spiral. You will obtain many companions on your journey and bring back old allies such as Napoleguin to send Polarian troops to help _______. All this and more awaits you in  Book ___: Severered Colonies.
I am Nicholas Kent and I will see you guys next time!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

An Overall Review/Recap of the Last Few Weeks

          This post is mainly going to consist of little to no images cause I am lazy and don't want to waste time on art that people don't appreciate like Swordroll so I apologize in advance. I want to talk about the last few weeks in both games and my opinions on ALL the updates. I am going to cover, the news, the reactions, the april fools joke, the new pirate update and of course my own opinions on the Khrysalis/Second arc ending. Now as a lot of you know, I "quit" the community recently but I really sorta didn't leave the games... I left all the drama and official sites and crap because I agree that there is a lot of issues with it but I have said FAR too much on stuff like that in the past. Now let me just break it down with my opinion on the pirate stuff.

    Now I am going to judge this solely on what they have given us as far as videos, images and little excerpts on the issue. I dont "hate" the update, simply because I cant. I dont have my hands on the content to judge it but from the looks I am kinda skeptical. I praise Pirate101 for doing Wizard101 but 1-Uping it but I personally liked it for the combat, companions and just set up. I have no problem with pet training and the so called "pet abuse" rants people are saying, no problem with the new companions, skull island update or anything but I am slightly worried about the new companion changes. Overall the creators at KI seemed confident in the product but I am a little skeptical on the outcome. It sounds cool but I can definately see some issues. To me, the battle system wasn't broke so why fix it? The issue I am noticing is two things. Wizard101 is trying to be Pirate101 and Pirate101 is trying to be Wizard101. Eventually we are gonna be at a standstill where both games wind up kinda bad. Pirate101 is trying to add things like treasure cards, pet training, useless stuff that really isn't why we like Pirate101. Wizard101 on the other hand wants to start adding companions, rich story and in general both systems seem to be falling flat. The new companion system I am actually reviewing as a player who knows the game. Some people like Blaze LifeHammer on youtube I'm not really liking because they go "Hey, so it's Blaze...I don't really know anything about Pirate101 and I read like a sentence of the actual update letter so here's my interpretation...'Pirate101 is adding pet training-' so this clearly means we are getting like a wizard style pet training, clearly in the avery's court area cause that is where the wizard one is in the commons, I don't see it but it's there, derp" like read the letter and dont be an idiot before you make an update post or video. For those who read it, the pet arena with be in an Aquilan style island in the skull island skyway that will be a free to play location. I generally am just "skeptical" on the issue of Pirate101. I feel as though they took a step away from the important stuff like story and book 15 and more or less worked on side projects that might not work out in the end. Now onto the April fools joke...
    The April fools joke The Mighty Steed mount really didn't make sense at first and they I guess were playing it off like a horse but it didn't really work out in the end. The reference was supposed to be the old style of creating horse footprints sounds by clapping coconuts together but the average user, let alone child, would really understand that joke and to me when you put out a joke without a kills it. I think they could have done a ton of cool things with the "Mighty Steed" idea that would have been funny but made sense. Maybe make a pathetic looking horse or a donkey or something ridiculous but name it a mighty steed, with the coconuts its just kinda weird. Cool animation though. Next topic, Khrysalis.
    So I gave my review on Khrysalis last time and you all hated it, this time I actually played part one and can still kinda agree to my previous statements. With the exception of a few cool cutscenes, characters and enemies the world is pretty bland. The new part is even as bland or even more! The first part had some sort of color with Last Wood but part two is literally ALL DESSERT! The idea for the end game should not have been something as boring as a sand world with bugs. That is the most boring idea to work with especially for the end of a almost 3-4 year long story! I will warn about the ending so if it wasn't already spoiled you are being warned here but I will also leave a special red text to tell you to stop. Spoiler free review, part two does what it is supposed to by ending the story...but it kinda does it pretty poorly. The level design is very bland with areas like Crescent Beach (sand), Kotan Dessert (sand) and of course the Umbra Palace (Tyrian Gorge Part two aka black sand). The enemies seemed cool and the atmosphere was nice with a couple of cool places like the great beast ride but it falls flat. I stand by the fact that the reason it is out so late and that the world is so short (ya people finished it within the same day) is because it was started roughly around the launch of part one. They said they were working on both parts last year but the evidence shows that this was not only the case but they didn't really start until this year! In the January, February and March newsletters we would get things saying "We have great things PLANNED" we dont have images but here is some CONCEPT. This means they were coming up with an idea and how it was executed seemed pretty rushed, forced and bland. For a final world people are giving it too much credit for what it did. If you truly were not satisfied with it say it. You don't need some sort of loyalty to KI for all things. One of the reasons I left it because everyone seemed brainwashed into thinking KI games were perfect in every way. KI knows they aren't the best or else they wouldn't feel the need to have sales, free crown giveaways, reasonable deals. Elder Scrolls Online...they are a bit cocky with their game for what it is and that is shown in the actual retail items. I don't like people reviewing a game like IGN would for a game they were payed to promote. "The new Wizard101 update is AMAZING! PERFECT! OMG I CRIED IT WAS SO WONDERFUL! 11/10! SO GOOD!" cause no they dont really think that. I am not saying the update was bad but seriously, think about what you are saying. The end game to Wizard101 isn't the final episode of Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones the story was pretty predictable like a kids game should be. Now for spoiler time...
*If you don't want spoilers don't read ahead*So the end to part two...the end to the SECOND ARC....the end of the ENTIRE GAME...Morganthe dies...WHAT THIS IS SO UNBELIEVABLE HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN! IN A MILLION YEARS I NEEEEEEEVER THOUGHT IT WOULD HAPPEN! No...who didn't think this. The two totally predictable theories were A. Morganthe runs away to arc 3 or B. She dies. Now she didn't "die" directly she fell into a void like Malistaire the Undying so I am sure the community won't let it go that she will return but I totally saw it coming. The giant spider form I predicted since Avalon. Every game does it, a women with a spider body its been done in tons of things, Dungeon Defenders, Elder Scrolls, the movie IT it was totally expected and wasn't anything new. From every review I have watched of the ending too they seemed to be happy but more or less expecting more which is what I felt. They might be saying "OMG, OMG, OMG!" but they are thinking..."that's it...kinda hoping for more here" and it's true. Morganthe is a giant enemy and her four forms each having 25,000 health is nothing! I was getting upset with the ice form alone! I said I would be (pardon my language) pissed unless the ice form casted Mammoth every turn and did she, no. Barely any noticeable cheats at all in fact. Cool cutscene but this is in no way close to a deep story or rich ending. It was more or less a "here is test -_- *throws key to test*" opening without any sort of enthusiasm and most people didn't even know it was up because it was so underwhelming. Quite franquely I am just disappointing with the end result and this kinda defines the ending to the game for me. I am really not interested in arc three because Khrysalis sorta killed any hope I had left in the game after Azteca. Avalon was good, Azteca was meh but Khrysalis just kinda sealed the game away for me.
    I have been Nicholas LionRider hopefully not hurting too many feelings here but I will see you in the spiral hopefully. Leave your opinions on the ending in the comments section but I want honest opinions. If you have ANY gripes at all with any of the updates post them here cause I highly doubt anyone can say the updates are all 100% perfect :P

Saturday, January 11, 2014

What Wizard101 Should Do before Third Arc

K I just want to make this blog post as a theorist of the Wizard101 community specifically. As much as people say #twizards and #twirates (which again twitter users aren't the entire "community for either game) are the same, they aren't so this is for the hardcore Wizard fans not pirates or those who like both games. As a lot of people are quickly finding out, Wizard101 is losing it's fans and credit rapidly. Some loyal fans have stuck around but I have seen far too many friends of mine leave anywhere from 3 years ago to a month ago. As much as I may rant about some aspects about KI, they are still one of my favorite gaming companies of all time and I wouldn't continue to be playing them 6 years later if I didn't like them. Now time for the niddy-griddy. Why Wizard101 has had a decline in revenue. Through my research and consulting my friends I don't think it's only the community nor do I think "the content" is getting boring. I think it is the pre-existing bad aspects in the game that at the time seemed like it wasn't a big deal but without the already existing problems being fixed, slowly got worse. Think of it like a disease, it may start out as a common cold but unless treated it could get extremely bad. I think this sorta applies with Wizard101. The number one thing I see people requesting is content, am I wrong? Now although that works for some players what happens to the players that finish the new world or dungeon or whatever and then have nothing to do? But see that is the thing, you SHOULD have something to do. It's Wizard101 you can go gardening, crafting, pet training, PvPing-wait a second...Have you noticed something? All the activities KI has for the people who finish the game seem to be broken in a way. All these systems people complain are either boring or abused by other players and you know what, they are right. As much as KI tries to "tamper" with PvP to make it fair, it never works because people find ways to abuse other things in it. Things like jade gear and stuff have ruined it for people or the unfair matching of getting your level 10 to warlord because you are fighting new players. I myself can never get into PvP because I have people going "Ha! Noob! Look his pet doesn't have: fairy, sprite, both resists, fire giver and whatever. Cause no not everyone has the time or motivation to get the best gear from crafting or pet training because again, they are boring. Pet training is literally impossible without pet snacks (mega specifically) and crafting just get's annoying with the quests alone. I am not saying all these activities are bad just need an update. Same goes for worlds honestly, I think before we adventure into third arc, just spend a efw months making the Morganthe arc a little more fun (add rides like the Marleybone air ship, Krok boat or drake) they have proved they CAN still do it with the dragonfly in the Hive Bundle. So why not, the Morganthe arc is perfect for them! The elevator to floating land in CL, the boat rides in ZF, the ziplines in AZ! They are perfect for this mechanic. Also maybe add some improvements to things like Aquila so it isn't ONLY dungeons. That is a big complaint for me, W101 needs to act like P101 when it comes to fans. I get it the big names like Kelsey FireHeart and Johnny and stuff are high levels but they aren't your only fanbase. Make the game fun for ALL levels. This is why I think the worlds need an upgrade. You can give the high levels more content but unless you fix everything else that has problems in the here and now, you will be beaten out by your own brother game! Content and worlds are cool but remember to focus on making a fun game and not another 50 quests with a different theme. Pirate101 said it right out, you can take 6 worlds and keep revisiting them with different stories, not EVERY time do we need a new change of scenery. I merely propose this and to anyone who agrees with me it would be appreciated to comment or share this. I ask for a halt in world making for a short time after the Morganthe Arc is completed. Don't move straight into another arc just take a few months and try to fix and improve the mechanics already in the game so I don't need to look at the "best house in the spiral" with nothing in it but two dead plants. I have been Nicholas LionRider trying to help you for a better spiral

Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Art behind the Video

    As the majority of you know, I am an avid artist in the community. So generally I wanted to throw in some actual art into my blog when and if I make posts. Today I have dedicated my post to talking about the art behind IAmTheChezz's new video, Wizard101 vs Spagoni (code named, Quizzy Wizzy). We have had this idea of questioning Tony Spagoni, Tyler's good friend about Wizard101 cause in reality, as active a player as Tyler is, Tony knows NOTHING about the game. It was very interesting hearing some of his answers. You can check the video out here, Now because this is about the art in the video, I will split apart the different pieces I did for the video. Enjoy -Nicholas LionRider

The Wizard Car: 

    -Probably the most difficult piece in the video and one of my most favorite pieces. It is more of a race car design but hey, it was fun making it. This is for the scene where Tony is asked what mounts there are in the game, and obviously other than the one mount (the slowpoke sloth) there is only Wizard Cars. Since there are no other 'Wizard Cars' to use from the world, I needed to design one my own.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Wizard101 Central and Spoilers

   Now this is going to be a post on a topic I kinda like about the community. Spoilers! For some reason adults in the community find it "wrong" to look in the game files. Now that is true, but if you keep using "It's in the terms of use, it's in the terms of use" actually read it. Most of the adults in the community have no idea what they are talking about when they say this stuff. The terms of use you defend are as bad as the bible when defending why gay marriage should remain illegal. Actually read the crap in it before you bring it up as evidence. Just as the bible also says that there are seven headed dragons and that you should sacrifice your children to the lord in times of crisis, the terms of service say nothing about looking in game files. Now you can mod game files and look at them, however it is requested you do not publicly release them. If files are released, it is considered illegal and that is fair enough. What I hate though is when this one person on central posts leaks from KI (which quite frankly is their fault if they give out October's update files in May) and people think they know what they are saying if it is called immoral or whatever. "Oh no! How dare they! Boohoo, now KI will need to ban them and all who witness it! The islander hoard! Oh no children shield your eyes!" like come on! KI isn't going to ban everyone who looked at a leak. That would be totally ridiculous. Should the person who continues to leak info out get banned, ya but he can easily keep making new accounts. If the guy can get into the game files, I am sure he knows the risk and honestly why do any of us care? I truthfully don't think anyone should praise him or shun him, he is doing us a favor. I have mentioned this before and I will say it again, He does what we all wish we could do but makes it okay. Like are we really going to want him to get banned? "But he releases things that are spoilers! I don't like spoilers!" in which I respond with, Why are you in this community? The ending to Azteca was released on youtube in a day, P101 Marleybone's ending in a few hours. The community demand content and blow through it and release spoilers. Pirate101 updates goodluck trying to get no spoilers during test realm. All you will see is pictures, quotes, audio and quests. I tip my hat off to Wizard101, they don't seem to have many spoilers, there are a few but it isn't too bad. The biggest thing is KI knows that we like spoilers and give us little hints at updates in test sometimes, Olympian Bundle, Death Unicorn pet to name a few. I just hope that when this guy on Central posts this stuff, just enjoy it. Don't think you are defending KI because you owe them nothing. It goes back to the old days with Wizard City Protectors, KI was flattered we were trying to do something but said that it was fine and they didn't need community help when dealing with problems. I just hope everyone thinks about what the spiral would be like if there was no spoilers at all! You would lose all the hype, excitement and get bored quickly without a little update fix. The new Saint Bernard pet tease we just got is making me excited and have something to look forward too, until then I am Nicholas LionRider and I will see you in the spiral! 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Bullying, Privacy & Gen II Community

   This is just gonna be a general post, I have no specific topic but I just want to just, idk talk. I am a nice guy and overall I feel like I get unneeded crap in the community. It is unfair that I don't get the same "rights" or "freedoms" as some people in the community. I am here to explain my personal views, we had a trolling problem this week already and I would rather not have hate if anyone is offended. I have been referred to in the community as the "con-artist" and you know what, clever for whoever came up with that. The reason I get upset with the current community, let's refer to them as, Gen II (kinda like PvP) is the drastic changes from the past. Unlike a layout on Facebook or Youtube you can't change it too much unless you want a big backlash. The reason why previous updates on social media no one cared about is because in general, it stayed true to it's roots. The new comments system in youtube has gotten backlash for TOTALLY changing, and I kinda compare that to the community. Whether I like it or not, the community won't be the same as it was 4 or 5 years ago, that is fine, but when it changes THIS much it's kinda overwhelming.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

An Apology Post

   K so this will hopefully be a short post and I just want to talk about my blog. For whatever reason I have been getting hate lately for my posts. A lot of people saying "I will unfollow" which to me doesn't make much of a difference, the amount of blog posts I have been putting out lately has been amazing. I never stay blogging for long after a while and so I guess this is just the phase of blogging that is just me releasing my feelings about certain topics. Topics I wish I could just talk to someone in the community about and just express my feelings. Specifically the last three posts I have been getting a lot of hate from. Now the community post, I totally understand. If it wasn't for someone (you know who you are Mr. ShadowBlade -_-) no one would have read it and or cared. The other two I don't really understand. Maybe it was the swearing with the Pirate101 one but if not, the post was simply stating a fact of the game not making total sense. I LOVE Pirate101, almost to an obsession, I have played since alpha and wouldn't trade it for any game in the world. When I state the game having flaws, I am not saying it takes away from the experience just a little observation I had with a friend and I was wondering why no one else had thought about it before. Instead of making a youtube video or a huge tweet, I thought a blog post would be the best method. Before anyone gets upset over the community post, totally get it. I apologize to all I offended, mentioned or insulated. I had some mix feelings from that post some totally agreeing, others just plain hating me for it, but it is one of those things that when you write it you are already picturing the hate comments. I think I even stated that in the first paragraph. The newest post, Khrysalis. I don't HATE the world, I just disliked some features. Kelsey Fireheart (good friend of mine and awesome person) took my on a tour of the world and I must say, it was kinda nice. I was right about it being CL+ZF+AV+AZ but overall I thought it was nice and kinda felt familiar but different and exciting. The sugar gliders are awesome and the NPCS are kinda cool too. I mainly only saw the Bastion when I made the post, and most people kinda hate it too for being bland. I now like the world (top 5 for sure) but I just didn't like some features. This post is just to clear some things up and I hope any comments I get from this will be positive. As a request, if you are going to whine or complain about the post or what I am saying just don't comment or tweet me because you are stooping to "troll" level. I just ask if you have criticism be an adult, don't try to defend yourself on MY blog because if I don't like it I can delete it and overall if you don't like me for whatever reason (perhaps one I stated) then I just advice you to stop reading and just move on with your life. Even I read some things that people I hate write but I just ignore and it leave. One more thing, on the community post I mentioned stop posting about being gay, I want everyone to know, I am totally 100% pro-gay. I think they should have equal rights, yada-yada-yada, and I am not at all homophobic, however, I don't think that they should be saying that stuff in what most people want to be a "family friendly" community. So basically I was just stating don't be a hypocrite, don't say I can't swear if you are posting about sexual preference. It is natural and I support it, but just don't post that stuff if we are trying to stay clean. Same goes for straights, I don't see this very often but I really don't want to see your boyfriend/girlfriend post next to an actual update. So that is about it and I am still beating Azteca goodbye- Nicholas LionRider The Third from Brysk Polaris, adopted by Grizzleheim bears, grew up in Zafaria, and became a wizard/pirate, the end.