Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Nick's Super, Giant, Epic, Mega, Biggest Post Ever!

   WOW, can't believe after a while of not blogging I would have this much news. So anyways I took a little break off of blogging for a while and I got a lot done! I don't even know where to begin. I think I will break it down into idk like at least 10 paragraphs to go over everything. So I will get my personal news, and other news out of the way first. And I sadly didn't get my 1 post a day for the rest of the year because of this break but I will make up for it with a little contest at the end.

    First piece of business is my progress with Nicholas LionRider (main alt). I haven't been questing much but I think I should beat Zafaria by either end of this month or early March. Then I think I will side quest in spots and get some new badges. I also want to try and level up my sea dragon (for Ethan Mythcaller, AKA Ethan the sound guy) and because it has some good stats as an adult. So far its at teen since I am using all my rare snacks from the Kirin's hoard. Which brings me to the next piece of business which is kirin. I bought 30 dollars worth of giftcards and spent 20 on crowns. I have another ten that I think well...you will see at the end. I was thinking of using it for subscription but since you guys are so great I might (insert ending here). I also finished up my huge garden and finally got rid of my moon flower! Hate that thing... So I am happy about that. Leave in the comments what I should do next to challenge myself ingame. Crafting, Housing, Pet training, PvP whatever.
   Next up is the news as far as community parties. I had a great time at two of the biggest parties I have ever seen. First was either last week or the week before, but it was Fallon (from RR)'s birthday party. And whoever held the party got to give you big props it was epic. I love how you recreated the entire Ravenwood Radio cast that was neat. And I saw Stephen hiding inside the cast to be hidden :P That was a fun party, but with the extensive number of PvP in the Sultan's palace it was just a mess of lag. Luckily I moved to the Sun Palace where I got stuck in my own PvP battle and we won first time, second we got smoked. Fallon stopped by toward the end and then so did everyone. Next thing I know the Sultan's palace looked like a dull desert landscape. And the Celestian Oberservatory no one really payed attention to which was pretty upsetting. Second party was Ditto's. He had his second Wizaversary on Friday? I think. And his party was great. He had six houses! That is like amazing for a party. I hung out in the Ice house most of the time with Icy, Stephen, Wizard101 FM, and a bunch of other people and it was fun hanging out and stuff. Thing I was upset about was Ditto saying how he had his secret DS house even though I found it, and was in it when the winners came running up. So that was the only downside. Other then that fun party.
    Speaking of wizaversaries mine is actually this week. Saturday! During Spiral Live, how cool is that! Great thing though is, our special guest host. None other than the Friendly Necromancer! Tom is so cool, him and his wife have been so good to me and Blaze during our podcasting adventures and they are probably some of the coolest wizards I have met. We will be doing a interview and a Q&A at the end of the show. So email us questions that you want me, Blaze and Friendly to answer at spirallivepodcast@gmail.com hope you can come here is all the date stuff.
When: Saturday February 25, 2012
What time: 8:30 PM Eastern, 7:30 PM Central, 6:30 PM Mountain and 5:30 PM Pacific
Where: Spiral Live's Livestream page, www.livestream.com/spirallive

Hope to see you there ;) *

    Now for some other Spiral Live news the new Spiral Live youtube is up. And we have been posting pretty frequent for what we can fit in. I might do a solo segement/series to put up during the week when I have time since Blaze is always busy and Ethan can come on sometimes. We have two videos up which are two series which is Nick and Ethan's Zafaria Tours and Wizard101 Update Reviews, though Wizard101 updates are only going to happen when we have an update that is worth doing a video. This week we reviewed the new Tag game on test realm and showcased it. Hope you watch them first two video links are here.

Nick and Ethan's Zafaria Tours: Stone Town Zoo -

Wizard101 Update Review: Tag -

Leave a comment and we will definitely read them, we also love it if you subscribe :P

     Okay warning, this isn't direct Wizard101 news but it does tie into it. In my Minecraft I have been working on a new texture pack called... (well Idk yet) its a Wizard101 texture pack and it looks great. Justin ShadowBlade also helped me design and test them and he did a very nice job. I am really glad he complimented me on the Dandelion. All Wizard101 skins and I will have some screenshots at the bottom. Also I am working on a mod for Minecraft called Skylanders. If anyone has played the game Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure its a mod based on that, which I am coding and modeling the mobs. This is a two person mod so it will take a while but so far its me, and my minecraft buddy Joey, also known in MC as Flamesku11man. I may leave pictures of the progress at the bottom too. And if anyone knows how to code and would like to help me and Flame with the project you can email me at njd525@gmail.com
     Tag has hit the spiral and it is a really fun game. I have been playing with mainly Justin ShadowBlade since Blaze can't get on test realm :P and I also played the first day with Edward Lifegem and PaigeMoonshade. I prefer Wildfire tag since most of the powers are more useful in multiplayer but regular Tag is fun all the same. Also minor changes happened like a new accessories tab in the crowns shop and they fixed the PvP sign to return to PvP lobby instead of commons. Also quick notes.
-Friends cannot teleport to you during a housing game (meaning KI is making more games like this)
-You cannot place or take away objects during tag.
-Careful where you put stuff because the teleport power may teleport you to marked off areas and cannot get tagged or tag other people.
-Still in a Beta like stage and won't be live for a few months
-Wildfire Tag turns you into a Fire Elf, Tag turns you into a gobbler.
     I know this is a long post but I would just like to say how great you all are and here is the contest. Its for a Kirin's hoard as of now...I may change it to the extra giftcard if I get a lot of entries. Also I will definitely give it out if I get to 70 followers by March 10th. Meaning the contest will end then. I want you to draw me a mount that you want in game. Express yourself make it colorful, go crazy, give stats such as +(yada-yada) Speed, __ person even customize it like something we haven't seen before like a radio on the saddle or a color changing one that you can dye the skin. I will choose a winner on the 10th and winner will get their prize on the 11th. So here is what you need,

Entry: You can send your entry via skype (nicholas.lionrider) email, njd525@gmail.com or facebook.

You need with your entry
-Your wizard name
-best way to contact you (for instance if you have an email that you would like me to contact you but your entry was on facebook).

And that's it. You will just need the following for your custom mount.
Stats/Abilities:(radio, speed ect.)
And crown shop price:

That's it hope you enjoy. And as always I am Nicholas LionRider and I will see you in the spiral.

*Edit* Just noticed this is my 99th post! One more and I will be at the big 10-0 and then 101! As in Wizard101 that is!

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  1. Nice post! Tell me when the mod and texture pack is out so i know :D. And count me in the contest!