Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Transformations

    Today will be just a quick run down on the new transformations put into the game. We did talk about them on last Spiral Live and I believe we did I decent job on the main idea. Anyways they are all pretty cheap, you can get them each for about 500 gold or 50 crowns *Edit* actually 75 crowns but you get my point*  (which get the gold ones and save your crowns) it's kinda like having only one five dollar bill from your parents, but you remember you also have a five dollar gift card to Burger King or something. You go there and hand them the money not handing them the gift card. Kinda not smart right?
   Now for the actual transformations. They come in I think about a dozen new ones. They are all unique and all very different. Though however there are two that I believe look cool but are kind of copies of some older ones, such as the Skeletal knight turning into the skeletal pirate and the snow man turning into a magma man. Little change but I guess if your fire, and you friends ice (like me and Blaze) it works out. So here is the complete list.
-Wolf Warrior
-Fire Salamander
-Fire Elemental
-Rat Thief
-Earth Colossus
-War Pig
-Skeletal Pirate
-Dark Fairy
-Wolf Scout
-Ninja Pig
-Cat Thug
-Magma Man

    Now my overall opinion. I like them. Some are really epic like the Cyclops and new Ninja Pig jump animation. xD I can't get enough of it. So yes do I think you should check them out yes. Though I would like it if some of the girls in the Commons wouldn't shout out every time they see a guy named Jacob with a wolf transformation :P So yea Question of the day is which is your favorite transformation, mine is probably the cyclops. Its just huge and I love the animation. So cya tomorrow and until then see you in the spiral -Nicholas LionRider

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