Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mammoth Mounts and Minecraft Bargains.

Not much news about Wizard101 today other than I finished my concept for a Mammoth Mount, I think this is more of the valley, though I wish I had it so the Valley Mammoth wasn't so "furry" since it would live in like Spring type weather. Anyways you can check that out tell me what you think. Other than that not much news. I got a subscription though that my brother gave me, since he had an old 10 dollar gift card lying around. He said I couldn't have it though unless he could play Minecraft. So I let him and so I will probably do some Drum Jungle work this weekend and maybe Sunday record our first episode of "Nick and Ethan's Zafari Tours" since its kinda  obvious vote, guess we are going to the zoo. Heh maybe ill let him help me get the ice cat back. Nah I wouldn't do that to a level 20 wizard. What? But Ethan I totally would -_-. So anyways hope you all have a wonderful day, since I have to study for algebra. So have a wonderful day and see you in the spiral.

Question of the day: What quests do you plan on doing this weekend? Comment your answer and tell me what you think.


  1. First Comment! I really like the idea of the Mammoth Mount :D It's a good Ice Mount that I bet Edward Lifegem will like also XD

    I can't wait to record Nick and Ethan's Zafari Tours! BTW if you haven't gotten my texts, I can;t make it to Spiral Live this weekend ;( I have a bar mitzvah and I cant do it. We need to get a guest host asap. Maybe Icy? Maybe Bailey? Heck Maybe Tom XD

    Anyways enjoy your Algebra homework while I enjoy my biology homework :P

    Have a nice day!

    P.S. text me tomorrow :P

  2. Second Comment! I love the Mammoth Mount sketch.

    Over the weekend I will try to help you finish ZF. And finish the Monkey and Book Quest.

    ~Keep It Dead @ deathywiz.com