Monday, January 23, 2012

Multiplayer Mount Ideas...Part 1... .2?

Okay so today I didn't have much news for you guys I am working on the Multiplayer Mount Artwork and yes these are going to be drawings that I made and not my magic gimp skill with Wizard101 in game stuff. So the low down is I really like the response from you guys and I really loved Justin ShadowBlade's idea of a bone horse. I had the idea for death since, well I didn't have any clue what the Death specific one would be, but I though a skeletal horse wouldn't work for multiplayer. Atm I am working on the scorpion and if you check my facebook you can see my early sketch of it. I really want to get to the dinosaurs because I would love to have one. Now if you didn't know already they were kinda a play on words with the names because I though KI was trying that for some. Instead of calling it a reindeer mount they called it a Chrismoose. Instead of a Rhino they called it the Hornocerous. So here was just a breif explanation on what my play of words were.

T-Bone: Not a reference to the football player (actually Deathy Wiz thought of the name as a reference to that old character on the child show Clifford) :P it's  actually a T-rex mount that is skeletalized much like the raptor.

Velo-Raptors: Velociraptor mounts, who doesn't want to ride with a bunch of friends on raptors, make a Jurassic Park Clan in the commons xD

Tri-tops: Triceratops, nuff said.

Back-Three-an Camel: Bactrian Camel (two humps) even though it's three in mine.

That should be it, also next I think I want to work on those mammoth mounts because, please KI I really want a elephant mount. They have like been a Wizard101 known icon now, along with pigs, snakes and sharks. Because look at the numbers of things.

Snakes: Medusa, Thundersnake, Ice Serpent, Leviathan, Cobra pet
Sharks: Swift Shark, Storm Shark, Shark Warrior in CL
Pigs: Ninja Pigs, Piggles, Pig Warriors in MS, Pigswick Academy students
Now Elephants: Olyphants, Jade, Death, Plague and War Oni, and Helephant

Also Horses: Centaur, Unicorn, Diego, Moo Shu Horses, Horse mounts, Pegasai, Sea Horses

So that's all today now Question of the day is, What do you think W101's next big "icon" (elephant, shark, snake, ect.) is going to be. Leave a comment below and don't forget to pick out a place for me to take Ethan. Until then follow and see you in the spiral -Nicholas LionRider

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  1. Funny for you to mention dinosaur mounts. I've had an idea about a new dinosaur world.