Sunday, January 22, 2012

Multiplayer Mount Ideas Part 1

Now I know you are all expecting art with this post but I just didn't have the time tonight. This will be part 1 with some of the ideas and the artwork and the rest of the mounts will be in part 2. Now without further ado.

Camel Mounts-Single Player-Uni-Camel (One hump seat)
                        -2 Person-Mirage Steed (Two hump seats)
                        -3 Person-Back-three-an Camel (Three humps seats)

Cerberus Mount*Exclusive Myth only Mount*
                        -3 Person-Cerberus (One seat located on each head, driver is located on the middle head)

Leviathan*Exclusive Storm only Mount*
                -4 Person-Leviathan (4 Seats on it's back main seat is nearest to the head)

Flame Pheonix*Exclusive Fire only Mount*
               -2 Person-Flame Pheonix (Same arrangement as blood raven)

Mammoth Mounts               *Exclusive Ice only Mount*
               -4 Person Glacier Mammoth (Driver located on Mammoth's hump of neck)

               -2 Person Valley Mammoth (Driver located on Mammoth's hump of neck)
               -2 Person Wooly Mammoth (Driver located on Mammoth's hump of neck)

Great Pegasai*Exclusive Life only Mount*
                -2 Person Great Pegasai Mount (Driver located on Pegasai's neck)

Sand Scorpian*Exclusive Balance only Mount*
                -3 Person Sand Scorpian (Driver located on Scorpian's back inside small hut)

Dinosaur Mounts
                *Exclusive Death only Mount*
              -2 Person Skeletal Raptor (Driver on front end of saddle)
              -1 Person Velo-Raptor
              -1 Person Red Velo-Raptor
              -1 Person Blue Velo-Raptor
              -2 Person T-Bone
              -1 Person T-REX
              -3 Person Tri-tops

That's all for now Question of the day is, what mount would you like to see in game? Comment with your answer and see you in the spiral -Nicholas LionRider


  1. I would love to see a Bone Horse! It would be 2 passenger and go 45% speed.

    ~Keep It Dead @

  2. Benjamin DragonswordJanuary 23, 2012 at 1:52 PM

    Hmm only problem i see is that fire, life, and death will only get a 2-person mount, while myth gets a 3-person, storm gets a 4-person, balance gets a 3-person, and ice gets a 4-person or 2-person mount. Maybe the flame phoenix can hold one wizard in each claw, making it a 3-person mount. I'll keep thinking about how to make life/death 3 or 4 person. Anyways, i like these ideas!

  3. In the sense it will be fair, because I didn't put in the stats because I forgot but I said that these mounts would go faster. That's mainly why I thought that these bigger mounts would be heavier making them slower, while a raptor and a pheonix can swiftly run through stuff quickly, making them a little bit faster like Flame Pheonix: 2 person but will have +55 Speed