Saturday, January 21, 2012

Single Player Wizard101?

I was exploring the Wizard101 Central forums and found an interesting article. It was about a wizard who was beginning to be irritated by people porting, or talking and stuff while he was trying to solo quest. This was before the hidden from friends button, but still you can't really quest alone with out a bunch of low level wizards running up asking for 2 person mount rides, or "can you take me to Moo Shu" or friend requests even though your friends list is near the max. Its a real pain and so he was saying how we should have a private server, or realm specific for single player gaming. The person described a Morganthe realm, which in all honesty I think we should have already since she has become a main villain, and have this realm be single player only. They would be alone with nothing but the quest giving NPC's and the monsters. I kinda liked the idea because I can't say how many people have needed to get on to realms that are less popular at 4 in the morning to get an empty commons for a video. It's a pain but this would help.
          The second idea that may come from this is mods. Much like Minecraft, Wizard101 is a business owned online RPG that allows multiplayer and updates online. They both also have game options and customizable characters. Only thing Minecraft has that 101 doesn't is the mods. If Wizard101 had mods like WoW or MC it would up the game greatly. New monsters could be made, additional secret areas, such as the right side of the Colosus Boulevard gate. And so many more. I think it would be kinda cool to see new boss battles and especially, if we have really creative wizards, downloadable worlds. It would just be cool though unlike Minecraft, Wizard101 is more complex. Monsters aren't 8 bit and blocks, they take time. Though I do think that stuff like mounts and pets would be able to be created. Out of 20,000,000+ players I am assure that their are at least a hundred or so good coders and graphic designers. It probably won't happen but hey, it would be kind of cool.

Finally as we do every day, Question of the day is, what crazy realm/server names would you like to see added. Comment with your answer and best by my pick will be posted on tomorrow's post 1/22/11 Also remember to choose a place for me to take Ethan on our first Safari video, you can find it to the right (that means --> That way)  -Nicholas LionRider

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  1. i like your idea it does get annoying but you need friends what if you are in the solo world and you need help they you will just die i hate when that happens