Monday, January 16, 2012

Mount Advantages

Yesterday I said I would be posting daily for the remainder of the year so todays topic is about mounts. Mounts are in every day life in Wizard101 and without them we would be in the dark ages of walking everywhere at 2 miles an hour. Yes there is the small stat that is less known in shoes such as the ones in Wizard City that are sold for crowns that have wings. But until mounts that was as fast as we could get +8 MPH? Seriously we were like moving sloths. When the first mounts came out, Dragons, Cats, Brooms and Horses, they were all +50 speed. This improved our game. They only stat that was different was the Meowmedon which at the time was the only one with +40, they changed this for less lag and changed all mounts in game to the +40. Now I find this unfair since mounts are ranged at all different prices, but in all honesty with the exception of the 2 person Hornocerous and Blood Raven they all do the exact same thing just different textures. Why is a pegasus 25 dollars in crowns while a lioness is only 10? They do the same thing? Same speed? Is it just because we like the look of the pegasus better? Perhaps, but is it fair to price it 15 dollars more for speed?

I think we should have stats based on speed, but have them be customized for each. For example, a Crocagator could move +50% faster in underwater areas such as Crab Alley and the Grotto but then on land move at maybe only +35. I like this concept because I know that at a lot of parties people mount race and it is kind of not smart in the sense that, they all are the same speed but if one cuts a corner then they get the upper advantage? Unfair much? And this is played for crown prizes such as hoards, which is really unfair since its based on stuff like computer speed and how good you are at controling your character. This is why I think each mount should be remastered to have stats in speed, so maybe the hawk in the Hawk Rider Bundle could move at 50% speed instead of the 40%.

Please comment on what you think? By the way your question of the day is, What is your favorite mount? Leave a comment with your answer and please follow!


  1. Nice post Nick! My favorite mount is the Black Panther because it matches my outfit and it's cheap and really cool. Ethan has it :P

    Keep up the amazing posts! I can't wait till tomorrows :D


  2. Benjamin DragonswordJanuary 17, 2012 at 6:48 AM

    well i like the blue dragon mount because its one of the coolest mounts you can buy with gold. I would love to see my dragon mount do +45% or +50% speed in Dragonspyre. I think that the horses would probably have increased speed in Mooshu. hmm... I'll take some time to think about where each mount would gain or lose speed...