Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Horse's Hoard

Now first off your gonna be thinking like my friend Talon ThunderBlade when I say this, Has Nick lost his mind? Well yes I have thank you for asking :P, but no really me and Talon were having one of our creative talks about what my next project should be, so I have done Gift cards, I've done a world, I recreated Wizard101 inside another game (btw MC101 1.0 will be out shortly some time this week) and so now I will be working on hoards. I have my first one done that we both thought wouldn't work and was just a joke then we thought about it and thought, O_O you know that just might work. So this idea actually started when we thought you know the Dragons Hoard and Wyverns hoard have kinda been more man packs and we needed a girl one. For a first idea we were like ok easy Fairy Hoard, but then I remember how girls were kinda getting tired of being pictured as little perfect princesses such as the MFP gear and pet for the Gear-a-Palooza contest. And so I go "Why not a horse hoard." Talon laughed and then I did but then we thought that might work and went over some ideas so here is a list of items it can drop and a picture of what it looks like.
List of Items

- 7 Day Chestnut Pony Rental
- 7 Day White Mare Rental
- 7 Day Black Stallion Rental
- 7 Day Moonlight Pony Rental
- 7 Day Starlight Pony Rental
- 7 Day Sunshine Pony Rental
- 7 Day Starshine Pony Rental
- 7 Day Spritely Seahorse Rental
- 7 Day Rugged Seahorse Rental
- Permanent Unicorn Mount
- Permanent NightFlame Pegasus (Super Rare)
- Permanent Skyracer Pegasus (Super Rare)
- Permanent Spritely Seahorse
- Permanent Rugged Seahorse
- Permanent Chestnut Pony
- Permanent White Mare
- Permanent Black Stallion
- Permanent Moonlight Pony
- Permanent Starlight Pony
- Permanent Sunshine Pony
- Permanent Starshine Pony
* Permanent Sunshine Pegasus (Extremely Rare)

-Stallions Staff of Spirit
-Clydesdale's Cape of Courage
-Hoofed Walkers
-Helm of the Pegasai

-Fog Unicorn
-Grove Unicorn
-Royal Dragon
Housing Items

-Teleporters (Assorted Colors)
-Large Hedge
-Unicorn Statue
-Carousel (Very Rare)
Reagents, Plants and Pet Snacks

-Diamond (Reagent)
-Black Lotus (Reagent)
-Mist Wood (Reagent)
-Ruby (Reagent)
-Trumpet Vine (Plant)
-Helephant Ears (Plant)
-Pink Dandelion (Plant)
-Pink Laugh-o-Dill

And that's pretty much it let me know what you think.


  1. Very great idea, Lionrider. It sounds authentic. However, the price of crowns would have to be quite expensive...
    I must admit your Gimp skills are getting better. Well done.
    Trust me, you're not the only one who's angry about princess outfits. :P

  2. That is a great idea. The best part is that it works for boys and girls, while the dragons hoard is definitely for boys, and idk about wyvern hoard. I would love to have a hoard hoard pack.