Monday, October 24, 2011

Down in the Depths, at the top of the world...

Well that was the hints we got from the first look at the new world. Which eh hem I predicted :P But either way KI gave us some great pictures and cool messages. Kevin BattleBlood explained what the language was and it turns out its moarse code. Of course I don't know it and so I learned a bit of it. So here is a graph of what each symbol equals.

Giraffes = /
Lions = -
Spirals = .

So there you have it if you want look up Morse code and make your own wacky jungle message and show it to your friends. Also with this language we got inside looks at the new creatures. We saw a little bit of the tribes in the Sun Palace but we didn't see all of them. According to the photos the Elephants will be making a appearance as what seems to be bad guys. Very cool looking ones but they seem to be more possessed than just plain evil. So just theory crafting here but I think that the Elephant men (Not calling them Helephants or Oni) are nice characters who got possessed by a powerful evil, perhaps Morganthe, or a new kind of bad guy we haven't seen yet. The second photo shows a bunch of gorilla men. They weren't in the original house that we assumed had all the tribes but I guess there are more to be discovered. These seem to be powerful creatures and look pretty cool. In the background you can see the king which you know is king because of his higher class attire and helm. Along with this you notice that the guard like apes are grey almost white, with Mohawks. Now if that doesn't make you think these guys are cool who are you. I predict that since the next message will be a few days it will have either lions or zebra creatures. Perhaps we might see this new world out in let's say Christmas but since KI said they would put out these hints near its release, maybe this thanksgiving we are going on Safari. So grab your rifles, cameras and swords because this Winter will be a real WILD one.


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