Sunday, October 9, 2011

Nick's Weekly, Super Epic Bloggy Post: Spookybob and Super Prizes

This week we got tons of updates but we made due. Lots of history this week and a lot more so just sit down as I walk you through this weeks Spiral news.

      The spiral this week has been going crazy over that jolly old, candy filled holiday (though not a real one) called Halloween. Kings Isle also keeps up with the news by decorating all of Wizard City in a spooky matter. You will find cardboard cutout monsters, jack-o-lanterns and the occasional ghost flying by. But the big news that Halloween brings are the new items and quests. Sadly the quests are the same as the last two years and so if you beat them last year or the year before you kinda miss out. But with every year, they allow brave wizards and witches to test their skill by doing one of three towers in Ravenwood. These can be a bit hard and so I don't recommend doing them alone. The last but not least news is the new pets. These pets are the Ghost Dragon, Zombie Piggle and Nightmare. Now the Nightmare we have seen in the past but this one is remastered and can be bought instead of hatching. Along with these new pets our returning little companion feline, the Black Cat, makes it's third appearance into the Spiral to be sold for 1500 crowns, but it's value is priceless. Along with these large changes Halloween has brought a few new items such as pumpkin hats and other assorted gear which you can also buy from Spooky Bob in the Shopping District.

Test Realm: Mess up?
      A little after last week's release of the Test realm lot's of wizards found a very important mess up inside the update. This is the sneak peek that KI didn't want us to see of the new Multiplayer mounts. If you go to the help page of your book, you will see a new mount tab, this tab doesn't give you any information on single player mounts, mostly because they are pretty simple to use, but tons of information on how you would equip them, have people join you and tons of other neat things so if you want check that out on the test realm, you'll be glad you did.


      This update has been great for anyone looking for any great gear or items in the crowns shop. We had Pet-a-Palozza, Mount-a-Palooza, House-a-Palooza and now Gear-a-Palooza. How the name hasn't gotten old by now is beyond me. But everyone who enters in the promotion code on their website gets a Barbarian Helmet this week, next week the robe and the week after the boots. So after Halloween is over you will have a Barbarian costume for all those parties coming up. The only other basic information on this special is each set of gear is 50% off. So go buy some crowns and get that Baconator costume you have been wanting the whole year.

Community News:
Ambrose2Zeke: The final Stretch:
      Ambrose2Zeke has been testing wizards throughout the summer, competing to fight the Queen of Blight. This week is the last challenge. The only ones that remain are me, and a few others. We will know our last challenge some time this afternoon and we will all try and beat it. But Blight has some fierce compitition. So I would watch it Blight.

New Academy Founded:

      We have had many wizard made academies such as The Nightstone Academy and Sultans Academy but with all of these Blaze and I decided to make our own academy. This would be called ShadowRider Academy. Many of the classes include your basic classes (Fire, Ice, Storm, Death, ect.) but many new ones including Spiral History, and Basic Magic 1 and Basic Magic 2 will also be included. Also with this academy we have released Electives. That's right a fun class to look forward to during the day. This could be PvP, Gardening, Crafting or Pet Training (with housing as a possiblity.) The school will start very soon and will be at a Sultans Palace with a Myth House to fit the classes and students. Until then more news soon.

Ravenwood Radio History:

      Although I ususally save Ravenwood Radio for the rest of the podcast section, since they hit episode 50! I am going to do a little extra info. Ravenwood Radio had their two year aniversary on Wenesday and got everyone very excited. They gave out 50! Prizes which is extremely epic and so congrats to them, now for more detail on the actual show.

Today's Latest Podcasts:

Ravenwood Radio Episode 50 Special:

      Although an epic episode I think it was very over hiped as far as How great it would be. Great plot but I think their was just too many guest hosts and lots of issues. They got cut a few times and it was very late so a lot of kids had to go to bed. This causing their record breaking 110 viewers to go down to about 80-85. Kevin Battleblood promised it would be back up but we waited a few minutes and I had to leave so I am not sure if it got back up. So overall the prizes might have saved it but I am going to have to give this week's Ravenwood Radio a 4/5. Worth watching if you were there live. But other then that great show so I hope you guys have 100 more. :D

Spiral Live Episode 5 Review:

      Spiral Live was our best ever this week. I am not giving it a 5/5 though because toward the end we did have a very bad connection and so that was an issue, but best show ever. We gave away a ton of prizes such as a 10$ giftcard, a mega snack pack and two lucky winners got Wyvern Hoards. I hope they use them to their fullest and hope they get their mounts. Our guys night with our guests Justin ShadowBlade and Talon ThunderBlade went great. Got a few laughs did they show good and had a good time. We have a special episode six coming up with a Halloween special so stay tuned in for the 22nd for that. But this week with the problems but epic show I give us a 4/5. So nice job to make up for the 1/5 last week.

Wizard Weekly Episode 26:

      Wizard Weekly was good. But kinda fast. But since the huge updates I kinda understand. And not sure if it was my volume but Fallon sounded a bit wierd like she was sick, but it's ok its flu season :P Btw EPIC housing glitch this week :)

Until next time wizards I will keep you updated. So see you in the Spiral :)

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