Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Pets

I know I haven't blogged in a while. I had a post but it got deleted by accident. Oh well. I had an idea after seeing a few examples of pets that KI should make. See the Friendly Necromancer for them. If I could I would like to share some of my own ideas and some of ones made by Wizards like you! First I want to congratulate all of the people who won the contest all of your ideas were awesome, but I have a few that I thought were just plain awesome. -Alric Ravensinger= Cuckatrice I thought it was amazing. Perfect for Wizard101. I think you got the idea from the monster of myth the Cockatrice. It had a chicken body and a dragon like tail, Alric I thought you had the perfect mix of fun and the theme of Wizards. By the way I love the idea of having it move around in an egg, so funny. -Valkoor Moonglade=Hydrion Plain old awesome. Although I doubt KI could make it, its an awesome pet. A cool idea would be to have a scorpion pet and a hydra pet for this mixture, and it could have both the scorpion and the hydra cards with the pet. -Sean Giantbright=Sea Lion Nice touch, I think its a nice pet that is both fun and entertaining. It will have almost a Celestia theme, mixed with a more dominant figure like a lion. I wish you would make the face a little more cartooned and a little less serious. Now for my ideas, -Tree Pet=a small tree with a smiling face and two branch arms. Another name I thought of was Bartel-baby. -Shark Warrior=just a small pet version of the shark monsters in Celestia. -Judgement Pet=someone made a April Fools day joke of this and a lot of people thought it was a really cool pet so thats pretty cool. -Living Krokospinx=A small spinx from Krokotopia that walks around and is made of stone, with green light up eyes. What do you think? Leave a comment on any ideas you have, and I will post a few on my next blog post, until next time, Nicholas LionRider

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