Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pirate Pack

I had an idea the other day when thinking of future worlds and 39 dollar packs. First I decided to draw a few mounts. A giraffe, a rhino, a monkey pet then I had an idea. Make a Pirate Ship home. I got right down to work. The middle of the ship would be a big battle arena followed by a door and two staircases on each side. This would take you up to the next floor. This floor goes around a small square building which has another door. Back on the main floor on the other side is a trap door which takes you downstairs. This is pretty much empty so you can put whatever you want in it but it does have a portal which teleports you to the crows nest, on a look out of your ship. Other features include a banshee on the end of the ship, cannons, and sails. It also has a feature like the Sultans Palace Genie. A plank which leads onto an island which changes daily. If you find the X you can click x and it will dig up a chest. Another feature is that on this island there is a Skeletal pirate resting on a palm tree. He will help you with a clue to the treasure if you beat him in a duel. He could drop pirate housing ideams ect. The inside is a nice pirate retreat with 5 small rooms, two large rooms (one for each door outside) two staircases, and a large map on the wall. Comment on what you think.

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