Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wizard Tag

Yesterday I was hanging out with three of my friends, Mary DreamShade, Ben FrogStone and the Rogue Sorcerer. Anyways half way through the day of almost getting the Nightmare pet I decided to take a break. We battled the Jade Oni for his pet of few times then we got bored. Next thing I know me and Rogue and Mary get into a giant tag game all over Wizard City. We went from the Shopping District to Olde Town to Cyclops Lane to Haunted Cave all over. After a while Mary and Rogue decided to play a trick on me and teleported to the ledge in Olde Town. They thought I would NEVER find them. Little did they know that was the first place I checked. So after a while they let me and Ben port and we had almost a Mount Party Check out the pictures.

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