Friday, February 4, 2011

New World. Again :P

Well as you know people are always talking of the newest worlds in the spiral I can give you a list.

-CandyLand (Ice World, Home of Fairies and Gobblers, Made of Candy)

-Junglotopia (Almost side world filled with Lion and Elephant Monsters all in deep Jungle)

-Draculania (Home of the Vampires, Werewolves and Swamp Monsters, Death World

See my point but do WE the fans of Wizard101 ever get to pick. No we just wait. I don't mean to be rude but for as long as we waited for Celestia when I first looked at it I wasn't really impressed. I like how they did incorporate the jungle idea in the floating land but it really didn't seem like enough. The funny part is while we are all guessing of the next world Kings Isle probably made the name, idea, and storyline for it. I just want to know even if the next world is awesome it might not be to everyone. To tell you the truth how many people actually wanted a Underwater world out of anything you could think of. Another thing I didn't like about Celestia was the fact that its the Ocean world why are we learning about Sun, Stars and the Moon while fighting aliens. Its an ocean world not Buzz Lightyears playground. Kings Isle if you read this I hope that you think of these ideas a little bit. Before you start building the world think of a few ideas of other worlds. After maybe put them up as a survey.

What do you want the next world in the spiral to be like?

1.) A death world

2.) A Fun Candy world

3.) Other...Explain ____________

Can everyone please comment because I really would like it if I didn't get disipointed twice because Celestia I didn't get at all. This is the King of LionRiding cya next time,
Nicholas LionRider

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