Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Ok, so yesterday I made a whole post on blogger and for some reason it never worked so I have to do it all over again. But a lot of people have been talking of Kings Isle's new project and a lot of people are saying CandyLand (though I think it should have a cooler name) some of these people include Ravenwood Radio and the Pie Loving Necromancer and I thought why not add my own twist to it with a few background pieces of information that need to be in the world from the storyline. So to start off this world what is the main species, I think the Faries like Lydia Greyrose who I found resembles two people from the actual board game Candyland which are the little old lady that lives in the peanut house and the Snowflake Queen (don't actually know her name) and so she makes a perfect fit along with this world it will also give her a home in the spiral. The second species will be the gobblers but unlike the Collosus Boulivard ones they will be good and will be the ones that give you the missions. Maybe some you "can" fight but they will have to be like slaves (like the manders and goat monks) The reason they need to be good is because in Wizard City they said there home in Gobberlington (the place they will live in and a place in the world) was taken over by Witches and so they will be the Bad guys in Gobberlington and now for some other places. I was thinking of a real Candy Cane Forest that will be just a big blue road with snow for sidewalks and all around them will be snow with giant Candy Canes and so that is one place. For the commons maybe like the Gumdrop Village (where you will first meet the faries who live there) which is a big commons area with snow all on the ground and little gingerbread houses everywhere. Mounts: Mary DreamShade thought of two that I thought where cool and that was the big floating pile of candy along with a candycane broom that I thought was awesome. Pets: I was thinking a new type of Gobbler like the one in the Crowns Shop but this one was for gold and you could choose the color. Though this might be expensive. Another is a gingerbread version of the piggle and a little candy monster. I also thought ahead about the Gardening and what new plants there might be and so I was thinking a Candycane Tree and a Gumdrop bush. I will be making Consept Art over the week and so I should have a few drawings by the weekend and so give me time. So this is just a few of my ideas comment if you like them and please follow me I really could use a few more followers. P.S. Leave a comment with a better name then Candyland I bet we can get a way better then it so just leave a comment. See you in the spiral,
Nicholas LionRider

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