Sunday, October 17, 2010

Swift Shark or Finding Nemo?

Okay, I know everyone wanted me to start blogging again so here I go. Did you see the new world Celestia on Test Realm well you may have seen one of the new mounts like Sea Turtle, Koi Fish, Sea Horse, Snappy Lobster, Sting Ray ( my least favorite ) or last the Swift Shark. But there is one thing that you may not have noticed. Everyone has seen the Disney/Pixar movie Finding Nemo at least once right? Well then you have seen the scary looking Great White Shark Bruce, well i noticed a resemblance between Bruce and the Swift Shark. Same color same face same scary narrowed eyes. They could be twins only difference is Kings Isle put a harness on the Swift Shark but if that was not on it then wouldn't it be "Just like Bruce" Leave a comment about what you think yes they look alike or no they do not look alike. Second thing I wanted to cover was the new spells yea thats right level 58 and the new astral spells.

Okay, first the level 58 spells. Fire: Efreet-a giant evil Genie with a fire tail and a huge blade that slices the enemy into nothingness. Storm: Leviathan-another giant monster with a serpent like tail that comes out of a storm cloud to smack the enemy so hard they will all be haunted minions. Ice: Snow Angel-a ghost that comes riding in on a Pegasus and attacks the enemy in humiliation I mean dude you got beat by a ghost on a magical pony. Death: Skeletal Dragon-a pile of DragonSpyre bones that form a new type of Zombie Dragon. Life: Forest Lord-a large, horned, Big Foot that picks up two trees and whacks the enemy with them. Myth: Medusa-the evil snake haired beast that with one gaze you turn to stone. Balance: Ra- the Egyptian god of the sun that is half-bird half-man and it uses two instruments that make you burn under the sun.

The alstral schools are Sun, Moon and Star. Sun is mostly the spells you would get that were not part of the rest of the schools. Like Tough or Monstereous. These are called Enchantments. The Moon school ( is my favorite ) because you get to turn into different monsters from each world like Gobbler or Ninga Pig. Each of these has there own spells, but this school also has a problem that if you stay like it to long you might get a pet name. My friend Amber RosePettal turned into a Gobbler and got the name "Queen Daisy" it was pretty funny. Last school is the Star which I didn't get very much but it seemed like a bunch of blades and traps and other stuff. Well that is all for today I love you guys you all rock and remember to comment on the Swift Shark=Finding Nemo debate.

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