Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Jungle World?

Okay, I'm back and still the same level 49 pyromancer ( I really need to be a 50 lol ) After that debate on Finding Nemo and the Swift Shark I thought about Celestia and all the worlds before that...Wizard City, Krokotopia, MarleyBone, Moo Shu, DragonSpyre, Grizzleheim and I wonder what about all those people Kings Isle forgot about? Look at the teachers Dalia Falmea: D.S. Moolinda Woo: M.S. Harrold Argeston: M.B. noticing a pattern? But what about all those people that don't have a home like the gobblers but we know where they live because it said they were from Gobblerton or whatever that got taken over by witches I'm fine with that but what are all these "Jungle" animals with no home in the spiral don't know what I mean look Sir Reginald Baxby-Zebra Jade/Plague/Death Oni-Elephant Kroks-Crocodile Boars-Warthogs Wolves- One Color Change and a Hyena or Wild Dog and don't forget some of these mounts Lion, Lioness, Tiger, White Tiger (Meowmedon) and the new Celestian sneek peek yea the Jungle backround and platypus monsters with pom tree monsters that is what I am getting at. WE NEED A JUNGLE WORLD!!! Its not much changing I mean cutting off a Lion Mount head and putting it on a body with an animation. The rest change colors and make like a giraffe and rhino monster or something. So please support my world idea put a comment in and say you want a jungle world then with enough people I can send it to Kings Isle and get it made.


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  2. Others have suggested that too, but your connection to the onis (that looks weird in the plural) really works for me. A jungle world with lots of Oni-us-es (oh, that's worse) roaming the dirt streets of the jungle would be cool! And you're right about Sir Reginald too! Let's have some of those balance horses from Mooshu roaming around, but colored to be zebras. You make a good point: KI has several things that could be reused and that's always a good thing for a software project.

  3. Agreed! In every aspect! except maybe (just maybe) add some Hippos? or hippo demons (like a hiponi)