Sunday, August 10, 2014

An Honest Review on Fishing and related updates (Made Over 2 years ago)

     Now I am very blunt with my opinions as people know but I often get criticism for my opinions. When you analyze and review a topic, it is a natural reaction, but for some reason people in the Wizard101 and Pirate101 community, they LOVE to defend KingsIsle as if they are a five year old boy who had someone say his finger painting wasn't very good. Thing is, KI is a multi-million (if not billion) dollar company and people seriously can't wrap their mind around that. They are never given respect as an MMO on top ten lists, they are not treated as popular online games unless put on a family friendly list, and why? KingsIsle is an online POWER in gaming, they have literally OBLITERATED  any competition. Toontown, Freerealms, Fusion Fall, Pirates Online, the only thing left is "Club Penguin" and that is more of a chatroom for kids more than an MMO. So why is it we continue to act like they are a baby company. I watched a WatchMojo review of the top 10 MMOs and I was thinking Wizard101 must AT LEAST get an honorable mention, I don't care if it's for kids, if it's dominating profits, cleaning out stores for gift cards, and given numerous rewards and continuing to make profit for almost 7 years, that's PRETTY GOOD. I think people need to just wake up and realize KingsIsle isn't an indie company starting up, or a stupid kids game, cause I'll tell you one thing big devs, Elder Scrolls Online, is making MILLIONS of dollars less in profits, even after your ridiculous pricing, Wildstar, Id like to see you try to obtain 50 million paying accounts. And the best part is, KI has found a way to make mindless zombies to advertise and promote their pay to win strategy and defend it afterward. Official sites, the #twizards, it's all a ploy. Any update we get, the people of twitter and central act as if it is a forthcoming from heaven. "THANK YOU LORD FOR GIVING ME FISHING! EVEN IF IT WAS JUST A CROSS BETWEEN ANIMAL CROSSING AND TOONTOWN'S SYSTEM THEY JUST KNOCKED OFF!". Now don't get me wrong, fishing is fun,     because they took from those games. Now here are some things to take into consideration before you go off in your head listing why "it is beneficial", there are none. Matter of fact, none of the systems in the game have any benefit besides pet training. There is a hack floating around to get literally unlimited pet snacks and because of an outside engine KingsIsle can't ban accounts. So gardening has no use, what about crafting. Crafting is good if you want to spend hours farming for reagents to craft the gear for PvP, which again is pointless. What use does PvP have? Your name if your EXTREMELY good on a list? A badge above your head? And you don't need to even craft gear for the normal questing because KingsIsle has babied us with the last few patches on worlds that any gear no matter how bad can have you beat bosses. Like seriously, did we really need to nerf LOST SOULS!?!?! So let's look at fishing, what do you get out of it. The ability to catch fish. That's it really, no gear, no boosts to your character. The ability to look at and take pride in your virtual fish collection is all you have. Sure you can display them, but what's the point. Now if your like me, I've already collected all the fish in the game, so what's my purpose in catching any more? It's totally a useless feature that until they update I have no use in touching again. This is the problem with KingsIsle, as much as they are praised by their community, and ignored by everyone else, their games have NOTHING to do end game. "Hey want to do a dungeon together after school?" "Sure, which of the four do you want? Waterworks, Tower of the Helephant, Briskbreez or Tartarus?" "WHO DOES BRISKBREEZE!" *laughter* like there is nothing to do besides the same handful of dungeons over and over, or house really. As I mentioned unless you care so much about cosmetics, from gardening, crafting or fishing, they are pointless. Even pet training, if you are going to get sucked into that idealogy of the "perfect pet" which much like pokemon's gotta catch em' all model, is impossible to do. Much like pokemon, the perfect pet is constantly updating with each update, and KingsIsle has set it up so we have a pay to win set up for most things that are merely cosmetic. Mounts, hoards, gear, pet snacks, tournies, none of this is obtanable unless you sit at home 24/7 and play Wizard101 like half the adults in the community. How they can afford to pay for their lives of pizza bagels and crowns I have no idea because they seem to never leave the house and are always there for any glimpse of an update. WOAH A NEW SHOE MOUNT! BEST THING EVER! AMAZING! 11/10! KI YOUR THE GREATEST! Like what? I like KingsIsle but am I the only one that can see their flaws? For example, this week we had a few people banned for literally no reason, one happened to be a friend of mine, but while some people with human hearts will critcize KI, here comes the community leaders and wannabee community leaders coming in "KI is 100% right all the time they are never to blame" I seriously wonder if some of the people in our community are just downright insane...they are so bipolar it isnt even funny "KI make more content" "KI slow down your doing too much" "KI your always right I love you". Whatever, if you want my shortened opinion on fishing alone, its cool I guess. No benefits beyond virtual cash and virtual fish but if that's what your into, go for it. Ill see you in the spiral -Nicholas LionRider 

PS About the community managers? Who picks them? Cause FYI Leesha was always the most hated person on Ravenwood Radio back in the day...and when did she just rise up out of the ground? Like we seriously couldn't have gotten someone who actually cared about the game like Stephen at least, Stephens a cool guy but Leesha was always so rude and cruel to her viewers. I just hope she does a better job than Lydia...Lydia literally did like nothing at all. At least we still have Tom as a co-manager for both games though, Friendly has always been the coolest person in the community.

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