Sunday, August 24, 2014

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: What's Wrong with People Doing it in Wizard101

     So one of the world's most popular fads right now is the ALS Ice bucket challenge. I have no problem with it, it is a simple challenge to raise donations and awareness for ALS, a terrible and fatal disease/disorder that slowly over time paralyzes the bodies systems needed to survive. To put it in simple terms, the ALS "Ice Bucket Challenge" is where one person, nominated by another person, dumps ice water on themselves and donates roughly $10 to they then in turn nominate 3 people to participate in the challenge as well. Simple enough, failure to accept the ice bucket challenge within 24 hours requires the person to then donate 10 times the amount originally required. For the average person, $10 would turn into $100 but I know some famous youtubers and stuff generously put down anywhere from $500-$5000 (big props to you GameGrumps) even after accepting the challenge within the time slot. So why am I making this post then if I think it's a good cause and a fun (non harmful) trend? The wizard101 community creating their own "challenge" from it. This actually isn't even the Wizard101 community because the entire community is split into several distinct factions relating to a social media platform they base their "sector" of the community in. The people specifically doing this sort of stuff I am talking about are the #TWIZARDS which to me is super dumb. They will put #Twiz/#Twizard in front of anything to try and make it different from whatever. They have become so ignorant and privileged from everyone else in the game that they themselves are a totally separate community from the rest of the game. These are the people that won't want a KingsIsleCon but a TWIZCon, the same people that talk about the community and have #TwizardStrong. They don't understand the actual game they even support! The game isn't "Twizard101". What once started out as a new media platform wizards came to turned into this indifferent group of bigoted drama queens. So what are they doing in regards to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. They have created the "Twizard Ice Bucket Challenge" is it any different than the normal challenge? No, they just wanted to throw their name onto it to make it special. Here is what I don't like: people abusing the simple rules put fourth. People aren't doing the actual challenge they are doing half-a**ed versions that don't do anything. Here are a few examples:
Scenario 1. A person was tagged to do the challenge in real life.          -They complete the challenge and nominate 3 of their IRL friends...but they don't stop there, they think that suddenly you get to add an additional 3 "twizards" cause they are different than anyone else somehow? The rules say nominate 3 people...that's it...your challenge only counts once for those 3 don't dump water on your head and that then gives you the rights to nominate, 3 family members, 3 close friends, 3 neighbors, 3 relatives, 3 online friends, like it doesn't work like that. You nominate 3 people and that's it.
Scenario 2. They don't do the challenge.         -The challenge put simply is you record yourself dumping ice water on yourself, publish it online, donate, and nominate 3 friends. Creating a video of a puppet getting soaked in water, a drawing of your wizard getting water dripped on it, your character in game using a water effect, that doesn't count. "But they are shy" then they don't accept the challenge. What is the point of "doing" the challenge if you don't do it and donate? Hi I just made this video of my character in the commons pond, saying "ooh chilly". You didn't do it in real didn't actually get cold...the point of doing it is to show your commitment to the cause. If you don't you donate, when you have your character do it to save money cause your cheap from donating or want to say you "did it". I don't think that's acceptable. To me, you shouldn't be able to nominate anyone, get out of the donation of $100 or whatever, or say that you did it when you just did a cheap knockoff. And to those that say they are shy and want to hide their identities? Why...most of the people on twitter are grown adults and HAVE in the past shown their faces on camera, shared out their real life names. I know now, almost EVERYONE is doing it cause like I said twitter has come a long way from everyone using aliases behind the cover of their W101 character to now just using it as a real life twitter. And last but not least the one that I can really upset about seeing:
Scenario 3. They don't even donate.
       -The challenge originated to raise awareness (and boy has it succeeded) and raise additional funding to research towards finding a possible cure for ALS. Now it has become some mainstream fad that everyone blindly follows cause EVERYONE is doing it. And I think the twizard community (along with a lot of other people, this isn't just targeting them by any means) are losing sight of the actual cause and not actually donating to the foundation. This isn't a Harlem isn't a Cinnamon Challenge, it is a fun thing to raise awareness for ALS. Now take it from me, I WILL NOT, judge you if you don't participate in this challenge even if you were nominated. I won't bother you or judge you if you don't donate to helping ALS. I can agree with some other people that in general, it isn't maybe the best organization to group fund compared to the fact we are wasting water from doing it and could be putting more money into other diseases much more popular and lethal. And if that is your opinion on the matter, that is fine. If you are downright LAZY and don't feel like donating or freezing, I am fine with that. But I do expect, if you intend on, nominating someone, outdoing your friends challenge, just donate. I look at it like voting, if you plan on voting in America, you accept our rules and do what you're expected and you get that right. Same here, if you follow through and donate the expected amount you originally intended, go ahead and get a dump truck full of water dumped on your, jump in a trashcan full of water, have a solid block of ice hit you in the head, do whatever but know what the cause is for.
     This post is not meant to offend those in the community that did the challenge and did what was expected. They nominated only 3 people, donated and actually followed through with the challenge. This is for the people that copped out or were too lenient with what they could do. Obviously the past is in the past but I just hope that people understood what the actual meaning of the trend is and not just reading it off like some script they do before each video. That's about it, until next time, see you in the spiral! -Nicholas LionRider

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