Saturday, April 5, 2014

An Overall Review/Recap of the Last Few Weeks

          This post is mainly going to consist of little to no images cause I am lazy and don't want to waste time on art that people don't appreciate like Swordroll so I apologize in advance. I want to talk about the last few weeks in both games and my opinions on ALL the updates. I am going to cover, the news, the reactions, the april fools joke, the new pirate update and of course my own opinions on the Khrysalis/Second arc ending. Now as a lot of you know, I "quit" the community recently but I really sorta didn't leave the games... I left all the drama and official sites and crap because I agree that there is a lot of issues with it but I have said FAR too much on stuff like that in the past. Now let me just break it down with my opinion on the pirate stuff.

    Now I am going to judge this solely on what they have given us as far as videos, images and little excerpts on the issue. I dont "hate" the update, simply because I cant. I dont have my hands on the content to judge it but from the looks I am kinda skeptical. I praise Pirate101 for doing Wizard101 but 1-Uping it but I personally liked it for the combat, companions and just set up. I have no problem with pet training and the so called "pet abuse" rants people are saying, no problem with the new companions, skull island update or anything but I am slightly worried about the new companion changes. Overall the creators at KI seemed confident in the product but I am a little skeptical on the outcome. It sounds cool but I can definately see some issues. To me, the battle system wasn't broke so why fix it? The issue I am noticing is two things. Wizard101 is trying to be Pirate101 and Pirate101 is trying to be Wizard101. Eventually we are gonna be at a standstill where both games wind up kinda bad. Pirate101 is trying to add things like treasure cards, pet training, useless stuff that really isn't why we like Pirate101. Wizard101 on the other hand wants to start adding companions, rich story and in general both systems seem to be falling flat. The new companion system I am actually reviewing as a player who knows the game. Some people like Blaze LifeHammer on youtube I'm not really liking because they go "Hey, so it's Blaze...I don't really know anything about Pirate101 and I read like a sentence of the actual update letter so here's my interpretation...'Pirate101 is adding pet training-' so this clearly means we are getting like a wizard style pet training, clearly in the avery's court area cause that is where the wizard one is in the commons, I don't see it but it's there, derp" like read the letter and dont be an idiot before you make an update post or video. For those who read it, the pet arena with be in an Aquilan style island in the skull island skyway that will be a free to play location. I generally am just "skeptical" on the issue of Pirate101. I feel as though they took a step away from the important stuff like story and book 15 and more or less worked on side projects that might not work out in the end. Now onto the April fools joke...
    The April fools joke The Mighty Steed mount really didn't make sense at first and they I guess were playing it off like a horse but it didn't really work out in the end. The reference was supposed to be the old style of creating horse footprints sounds by clapping coconuts together but the average user, let alone child, would really understand that joke and to me when you put out a joke without a kills it. I think they could have done a ton of cool things with the "Mighty Steed" idea that would have been funny but made sense. Maybe make a pathetic looking horse or a donkey or something ridiculous but name it a mighty steed, with the coconuts its just kinda weird. Cool animation though. Next topic, Khrysalis.
    So I gave my review on Khrysalis last time and you all hated it, this time I actually played part one and can still kinda agree to my previous statements. With the exception of a few cool cutscenes, characters and enemies the world is pretty bland. The new part is even as bland or even more! The first part had some sort of color with Last Wood but part two is literally ALL DESSERT! The idea for the end game should not have been something as boring as a sand world with bugs. That is the most boring idea to work with especially for the end of a almost 3-4 year long story! I will warn about the ending so if it wasn't already spoiled you are being warned here but I will also leave a special red text to tell you to stop. Spoiler free review, part two does what it is supposed to by ending the story...but it kinda does it pretty poorly. The level design is very bland with areas like Crescent Beach (sand), Kotan Dessert (sand) and of course the Umbra Palace (Tyrian Gorge Part two aka black sand). The enemies seemed cool and the atmosphere was nice with a couple of cool places like the great beast ride but it falls flat. I stand by the fact that the reason it is out so late and that the world is so short (ya people finished it within the same day) is because it was started roughly around the launch of part one. They said they were working on both parts last year but the evidence shows that this was not only the case but they didn't really start until this year! In the January, February and March newsletters we would get things saying "We have great things PLANNED" we dont have images but here is some CONCEPT. This means they were coming up with an idea and how it was executed seemed pretty rushed, forced and bland. For a final world people are giving it too much credit for what it did. If you truly were not satisfied with it say it. You don't need some sort of loyalty to KI for all things. One of the reasons I left it because everyone seemed brainwashed into thinking KI games were perfect in every way. KI knows they aren't the best or else they wouldn't feel the need to have sales, free crown giveaways, reasonable deals. Elder Scrolls Online...they are a bit cocky with their game for what it is and that is shown in the actual retail items. I don't like people reviewing a game like IGN would for a game they were payed to promote. "The new Wizard101 update is AMAZING! PERFECT! OMG I CRIED IT WAS SO WONDERFUL! 11/10! SO GOOD!" cause no they dont really think that. I am not saying the update was bad but seriously, think about what you are saying. The end game to Wizard101 isn't the final episode of Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones the story was pretty predictable like a kids game should be. Now for spoiler time...
*If you don't want spoilers don't read ahead*So the end to part two...the end to the SECOND ARC....the end of the ENTIRE GAME...Morganthe dies...WHAT THIS IS SO UNBELIEVABLE HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN! IN A MILLION YEARS I NEEEEEEEVER THOUGHT IT WOULD HAPPEN! No...who didn't think this. The two totally predictable theories were A. Morganthe runs away to arc 3 or B. She dies. Now she didn't "die" directly she fell into a void like Malistaire the Undying so I am sure the community won't let it go that she will return but I totally saw it coming. The giant spider form I predicted since Avalon. Every game does it, a women with a spider body its been done in tons of things, Dungeon Defenders, Elder Scrolls, the movie IT it was totally expected and wasn't anything new. From every review I have watched of the ending too they seemed to be happy but more or less expecting more which is what I felt. They might be saying "OMG, OMG, OMG!" but they are thinking..."that's it...kinda hoping for more here" and it's true. Morganthe is a giant enemy and her four forms each having 25,000 health is nothing! I was getting upset with the ice form alone! I said I would be (pardon my language) pissed unless the ice form casted Mammoth every turn and did she, no. Barely any noticeable cheats at all in fact. Cool cutscene but this is in no way close to a deep story or rich ending. It was more or less a "here is test -_- *throws key to test*" opening without any sort of enthusiasm and most people didn't even know it was up because it was so underwhelming. Quite franquely I am just disappointing with the end result and this kinda defines the ending to the game for me. I am really not interested in arc three because Khrysalis sorta killed any hope I had left in the game after Azteca. Avalon was good, Azteca was meh but Khrysalis just kinda sealed the game away for me.
    I have been Nicholas LionRider hopefully not hurting too many feelings here but I will see you in the spiral hopefully. Leave your opinions on the ending in the comments section but I want honest opinions. If you have ANY gripes at all with any of the updates post them here cause I highly doubt anyone can say the updates are all 100% perfect :P


  1. Cool post, even though I'm a Pirate101 fanboy, I think people need to realize, pirates plot is just so much better, the story is just amazing and the bad guys are REALLY bad guys. This is a friendly game but you started a war that killed hundreds, released out of prison the most dangerous mind of the Spiral, crashed a wedding, kidnapped a little girl, all of this, just for a simple map. When people start looking at the story in another way they'll get it. It also helps that Blind Mew answers our questions and the dev team of P101 actually talks with us and does those cool events like the "Avery's Courtcam". Wizards story isn't bad, but it's missing alot.

    1. Ya I would totally agree with you. I think the community sometimes babies Pirate101 for what it actually is. Wizard101 is definitely more of a kids game but although Pirate101 can be played by kids, it was meant to be more of a dark teenager kind of game. Death is prominent and there are some minor characters and stuff that show some more "adult" behavior taking subjects like drugs, alcohol, and homosexuality/flamboyancy and creating some cool characters from them. Wizard101 will never be as good a story simply because it is not nearly as serious. When Azteca killed off a bunch of people and all the characters dying since it just kinda killed the game for me because it wasn't what the overall theme of the game was meant to be. I have faith in Pirate101 to come out good and I'm really excited to see things like pet battling but I am just a bit skeptical on the whole "wounded", 3 companions always joining, that sort of thing. I don't think it will be bad I just think it might take away from the nostalgia value in it for me. Kinda like "Remember when companions used to be random?"