Thursday, November 21, 2013

Wizard101 Central and Spoilers

   Now this is going to be a post on a topic I kinda like about the community. Spoilers! For some reason adults in the community find it "wrong" to look in the game files. Now that is true, but if you keep using "It's in the terms of use, it's in the terms of use" actually read it. Most of the adults in the community have no idea what they are talking about when they say this stuff. The terms of use you defend are as bad as the bible when defending why gay marriage should remain illegal. Actually read the crap in it before you bring it up as evidence. Just as the bible also says that there are seven headed dragons and that you should sacrifice your children to the lord in times of crisis, the terms of service say nothing about looking in game files. Now you can mod game files and look at them, however it is requested you do not publicly release them. If files are released, it is considered illegal and that is fair enough. What I hate though is when this one person on central posts leaks from KI (which quite frankly is their fault if they give out October's update files in May) and people think they know what they are saying if it is called immoral or whatever. "Oh no! How dare they! Boohoo, now KI will need to ban them and all who witness it! The islander hoard! Oh no children shield your eyes!" like come on! KI isn't going to ban everyone who looked at a leak. That would be totally ridiculous. Should the person who continues to leak info out get banned, ya but he can easily keep making new accounts. If the guy can get into the game files, I am sure he knows the risk and honestly why do any of us care? I truthfully don't think anyone should praise him or shun him, he is doing us a favor. I have mentioned this before and I will say it again, He does what we all wish we could do but makes it okay. Like are we really going to want him to get banned? "But he releases things that are spoilers! I don't like spoilers!" in which I respond with, Why are you in this community? The ending to Azteca was released on youtube in a day, P101 Marleybone's ending in a few hours. The community demand content and blow through it and release spoilers. Pirate101 updates goodluck trying to get no spoilers during test realm. All you will see is pictures, quotes, audio and quests. I tip my hat off to Wizard101, they don't seem to have many spoilers, there are a few but it isn't too bad. The biggest thing is KI knows that we like spoilers and give us little hints at updates in test sometimes, Olympian Bundle, Death Unicorn pet to name a few. I just hope that when this guy on Central posts this stuff, just enjoy it. Don't think you are defending KI because you owe them nothing. It goes back to the old days with Wizard City Protectors, KI was flattered we were trying to do something but said that it was fine and they didn't need community help when dealing with problems. I just hope everyone thinks about what the spiral would be like if there was no spoilers at all! You would lose all the hype, excitement and get bored quickly without a little update fix. The new Saint Bernard pet tease we just got is making me excited and have something to look forward too, until then I am Nicholas LionRider and I will see you in the spiral! 

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