Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Bullying, Privacy & Gen II Community

   This is just gonna be a general post, I have no specific topic but I just want to just, idk talk. I am a nice guy and overall I feel like I get unneeded crap in the community. It is unfair that I don't get the same "rights" or "freedoms" as some people in the community. I am here to explain my personal views, we had a trolling problem this week already and I would rather not have hate if anyone is offended. I have been referred to in the community as the "con-artist" and you know what, clever for whoever came up with that. The reason I get upset with the current community, let's refer to them as, Gen II (kinda like PvP) is the drastic changes from the past. Unlike a layout on Facebook or Youtube you can't change it too much unless you want a big backlash. The reason why previous updates on social media no one cared about is because in general, it stayed true to it's roots. The new comments system in youtube has gotten backlash for TOTALLY changing, and I kinda compare that to the community. Whether I like it or not, the community won't be the same as it was 4 or 5 years ago, that is fine, but when it changes THIS much it's kinda overwhelming.

   As a mini topic I just want to discuss privacy, security and bullying. Now I am no wimp and I'm not gonna whine about how my own bullying experiences have made me feel. I am in high school and even though I sound like a jerk, everyone will eventually get over it. Bullying to me isn't much of an issue from 9th grade and up because eventually everyone just learns that, who the hell cares what anyone else thinks. This way of thinking I like to call, "grow a pair". I have understood that bullying has lead to things like suicide and depressed people but overall if you just kinda grow up with it and don't let it get you down, eventually it will get better. In the community I have known A LOT of people who have been depressed, cut themselves and stuff and know how some people feel. Generally I came from a nice place, Rhode Island is the smallest state and so it doesn't have much in it. Other than the capital, almost everything are local towns. We don't have large ghettos, cities, hell 90% of the local chains my friends in California and Maryland have, we don't even know about. Can anyone tell me how good a Dairy Queen milkshake is? A Sonic hotdog? Hell, doughnuts from Krispy Kreme lol. Back on topic, Idk how the surroundings of some people are, but I wonder if it affects their way of thinking. I watch Shaycarl's videos a lot and lately I have realized that no matter what, I have a very positive outlook on life. I don't think I have ever felt depressed or anything because I choose to. Your life could be horrendous, but YOU decide how you want to feel about it. You can mope around and harm yourself, or you could say, you know what today I am gonna be happy! Even forcing a smile can generally make you feel good.
   Now here is a big problem that comes with the privacy part of my mini discussion. Why it has become SO common to have people share personal information in game. I cannot tell you have many times I have heard people say "My account was hacked in (either Marleybone or Celestia because for whatever reason they are 99% of the time in those two worlds)" and make a new account. Idk how it is possible that this happens so common but someone must have given something out because that doesn't just happen like magic. There is no "hackers" in Wizard101 that I know of, if a coder really wanted to hack something, do you honestly think he would go for crowns first? Now I am trying to come full circle with a thing I REALLY don't like. Weaselly pedophiles in a kids game. There is a very popular person in the community that a lot of people don't really know. His actions are borderline illegal and I swear this guy is mental and should be thrown in jail. He emails friends of mine (mainly Justin) if either me or him says something he doesn't like and acts like he is "helping us". That is his catchphrase, "Oh, but trust me I am helping you". I don't need to explain Norman cause everyone knows of him, but back when he first popped up, a lot of people were thinking it was Justin. The evidence was ridiculous, "WELL, Justin didn't tweet in the last 60 minutes and Norman did!" "I have a picture of Norman's IP, it is clearly Justin" (Btw to that second piece of evidence, I would like to inform you, Justin doesn't live in Sacramento (near it, but not directly) and so that one IP wasn't his and quite honestly I think it could have been EASILY photo shopped cause he tells everyone he lives in Sacramento). So during the early "Norman Hunts" Justin was a huge victim of being accused, so this one adult decides to start questioning him. It wasn't just one in this particular instance and all had extremely creepy questions. There was about three adults that are still in the community to this day that asked questions like, "Where do you go to school?", "What city do you live in?" and even scarier ones. At this time, Justin was 12! What sick F*cking bastard does that! Here is the even better part, after I tell the other two to F-off and leave him alone, the main one (I am refering to) decides to question me about Justin. "If he is your friend you will give me this information so I can "help him". I guess this one person decides to protect Destiny -actually forget her last name. I guess she is a fanfiction writer or some shit, idk. But she was "attacked" by Norman and so this one guy decides to start questioning Justin and saying he was just trying to "Protect Destiny" which in reality, it is bad enough you ask his best friend to rat out information, even worse to ask him personal questions, and WTF is wrong with you that you add "PROTECTING a little girl (that isn't his daughter or any relation)" to the list of crazy! Lock this pedophile up people! I can't give out his name directly because I will get him commenting or emailing me saying "Shouldn't have done that" but just screw it. This wasn't a rant but really, after this story can you see why I am kinda scared and or HATE the new community. He is one of the types of people I would like to talk about. I already spoke against how homosexuals shouldn't openly talk about it same for religion. A friend of mine Ria brought up a good point though, KI are Texans, it isn't a surprise they didn't want homosexuals or any religion besides catholic in their community and game. Obviously that isn't true, but both shouldn't be discussed in a community (based for kids and family) setting. That is all my crap I had to say. Again random talk, probably won't have one for a few weeks or so. Bye -Nicholas LionRider

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