Friday, October 25, 2013

Khrysalis-Why I don't like it

   Now as you know Wizard101 has a new world out. Quite honestly I am not sure how I am supposed to feel. I can't speak for those who have played the actual world (99% of people didn't finish the dungeons before they closed the servers down do to connection problems) but to me I don't like it, at all.
    Let me get to the bottom of why I don't like it and here is my main problem, community interference. I have never seen the community be so forceful with "GET IT OUT ALREADY KI" and I feel bad. Anyone would be excited, it's a new world but my assumption is they wanted to go GRAND, amazing! The community just wanted content. I saw some tweets saying "I hope they give TWO worlds" "It will be super LONG" "The world is going to look AMAZING" and all of those tweets are sadly shot down and murdered. We got a half (a**ed) world in my opinion and it looks crappy. The environment is literally CL+ZF+AV+AZ and I am not joking. I analyzed the scenery and it looks like a poorly put together collaboration of the last 4 worlds! So the world itself is boring in my eyes.

   Now for some of the good I saw with the update, it looked like a fairly decent story driven world and it looked like it would at least further the story and give light to the spiral. The new henchmen and the NPCs in the world are awesome looking (not crazy about the mice, but bugs 2 thumbs up). Now as for the other updates, specifically I wasn't too impressed but it may do some good in the future for contests.
   Back to the bad, the main reason I made this post was because to me, the community ruined a perfectly good world. Now I can't 100% blame them, perhaps KI did have the intention of splitting it up but it makes too much sense. It was like a whining baby, MORE MORE MORE! KI probably had a world 75% complete that was VERY good and wanted some teasers, add the hype and make it awesome, but people demanded more content and here we are. Another reason I think it's the community is the articles. No articles have surfaced about the world like they normally do, KI just said "*sigh* here..." and test had a lot of problems as people found. The world to me seems like it was a side world. The entire thing only costs like $10 and it is only 3 areas (according to Justin ShadowBlade, I can't confirm this) but if that is the case, shame on the community. "We have waited long enough" no...KI doesn't need to follow your demands. People waited almost 5 years for Mists of Pandaria in WoW. GTA 5 was 6 years in the making! A year for an update is nothing! In addition, they gave Aquila to hold everyone off, sure enough people consumed and demanded more! KI owes the community nothing! If they thought it would be a good idea to say "Hey, how about for once we do a really cool update and really knock their socks off. It may take about a year and a half but it will be a great hit I am sure. Plus Pirate101 continues to update and people are enjoying that so how about that." Of course the community thought otherwise and saw, a TEASER! World must come out now! NOW KI! NOW!
   Now like I was saying, I do not know if the community had anything to do with the reason why Khrysalis is kinda suckish. I have heard some people really enjoying it and maybe it is just because it's content, Idk. To me I just expected more...but less? If that makes sense. When Celestia came out it was like Jesus dropped down from heaven, blessed a baby polar bear, that polar bear saved an old man's life who happened to later discover the cure for cancer! It was the most breathtaking thing for a young 5th grader (me) :P, or was it sixth grade...I really don't know, but worlds used to mean something. Content is about as common in the form of worlds as beggars in the commons. So is it a bad world, to me maybe, but to you it might be awesome. Have your own opinion and idk, maybe take what I say into consideration that next story arc, be grateful for what we already have. Until next time I will be finishing Azteca -Nicholas LionRider
*Addition! Shadow magic...WHAT THE HELL! KI even is trolling us, they directly say "this should make things very interesting in PvP" NO CRAP! PvP in Wizard101 is already ruined, when Celestia came out PvP died right there. Now PvP is going to be even worse. It might make no difference but it may add all new rules. The addition of critical and block messed up half the game for people. So to me, I think it was totally pointless and is gonna kinda mess up the game. I could be wrong though, we will have to find out. can go now :P


  1. Where is the button to stop following this blog because first about Pirate101, then the community, and now this. I don't want to follow a blog full of negativity and whining about stuff KI puts out, we give them money to run the game so your saving that they owe us nothing? That is just cold because we pay year after year using our money that we earn to keep a game we love going and so they do owe us because it gives them to run the game, have a job, a roof over their heads, a family, food on the table, everything so maybe you should look at things first through their view instead of whining. Also, if you hate the community and what KI is releasing then leave the game.

    1. Unfollow all you like, whining is complaining to a guy clearly just trying to explain his opinions on things. I don't hate the game I said I didn't like some things in the world. The community post, eh that makes sense. The Pirate101 post was all but observation. I like the game and I have met some great people in the community, I don't like the direction the overall "Spiral" is heading. KI personally owes you nothing though. You pay them, they give you a product, that is the transaction. Just because you play the game doesn't mean Fred Howard needs to come mow your lawn on Sunday, or they NEED to release the world now. If it was such a big deal they might lose money but overall, they are doing excellent and I believe that most people could have waited until January or February for them to release both parts at once. I don't HATE the new world, I see the good in it, it is just some features I don't particularly like.