Saturday, October 26, 2013

An Apology Post

   K so this will hopefully be a short post and I just want to talk about my blog. For whatever reason I have been getting hate lately for my posts. A lot of people saying "I will unfollow" which to me doesn't make much of a difference, the amount of blog posts I have been putting out lately has been amazing. I never stay blogging for long after a while and so I guess this is just the phase of blogging that is just me releasing my feelings about certain topics. Topics I wish I could just talk to someone in the community about and just express my feelings. Specifically the last three posts I have been getting a lot of hate from. Now the community post, I totally understand. If it wasn't for someone (you know who you are Mr. ShadowBlade -_-) no one would have read it and or cared. The other two I don't really understand. Maybe it was the swearing with the Pirate101 one but if not, the post was simply stating a fact of the game not making total sense. I LOVE Pirate101, almost to an obsession, I have played since alpha and wouldn't trade it for any game in the world. When I state the game having flaws, I am not saying it takes away from the experience just a little observation I had with a friend and I was wondering why no one else had thought about it before. Instead of making a youtube video or a huge tweet, I thought a blog post would be the best method. Before anyone gets upset over the community post, totally get it. I apologize to all I offended, mentioned or insulated. I had some mix feelings from that post some totally agreeing, others just plain hating me for it, but it is one of those things that when you write it you are already picturing the hate comments. I think I even stated that in the first paragraph. The newest post, Khrysalis. I don't HATE the world, I just disliked some features. Kelsey Fireheart (good friend of mine and awesome person) took my on a tour of the world and I must say, it was kinda nice. I was right about it being CL+ZF+AV+AZ but overall I thought it was nice and kinda felt familiar but different and exciting. The sugar gliders are awesome and the NPCS are kinda cool too. I mainly only saw the Bastion when I made the post, and most people kinda hate it too for being bland. I now like the world (top 5 for sure) but I just didn't like some features. This post is just to clear some things up and I hope any comments I get from this will be positive. As a request, if you are going to whine or complain about the post or what I am saying just don't comment or tweet me because you are stooping to "troll" level. I just ask if you have criticism be an adult, don't try to defend yourself on MY blog because if I don't like it I can delete it and overall if you don't like me for whatever reason (perhaps one I stated) then I just advice you to stop reading and just move on with your life. Even I read some things that people I hate write but I just ignore and it leave. One more thing, on the community post I mentioned stop posting about being gay, I want everyone to know, I am totally 100% pro-gay. I think they should have equal rights, yada-yada-yada, and I am not at all homophobic, however, I don't think that they should be saying that stuff in what most people want to be a "family friendly" community. So basically I was just stating don't be a hypocrite, don't say I can't swear if you are posting about sexual preference. It is natural and I support it, but just don't post that stuff if we are trying to stay clean. Same goes for straights, I don't see this very often but I really don't want to see your boyfriend/girlfriend post next to an actual update. So that is about it and I am still beating Azteca goodbye- Nicholas LionRider The Third from Brysk Polaris, adopted by Grizzleheim bears, grew up in Zafaria, and became a wizard/pirate, the end.

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  1. I took the time to read some of your earlier posts, many of which were very well written and analyzed concepts and additions to the game. Great stuff; just not very many viewers.

    Now you've started using the blog to critique things you feel should be changed. Which in and of itself isn't bad, but requires a certain amount of tactfulness. And suddenly, lo and behold, everyone notices, because that's human nature: we notice things we don't like faster than things that go with the flow.

    I'd have to admit, if I had to say something really controversial to get noticed (WE NEVER WENT TO THE MOON! IT WAS ALL A HOAX!), I might do it. Maybe that's what you're going for. Or maybe you felt you needed to vent a serious problem, so why not here, where no one will notice?

    Either way, I get it. I'm not hating on you. But I think the lesson here is to be careful what you say online, because theoretically the entire world can hear you. And the lesson for all your haters is that if you don't like what you hear, stop listening.

    I won't say either you or the community who started hating on you is right. I just think it's time we all started putting things in perspective. The only way you can help the situation is by changing the way you act; you can't change them.

    P.S. You said you need someone to talk to. I'm on Wizard101 Central, ApeMei1996. PM me; I won't judge.